I can begin small why I should think small : Edhi sahib(Angle of mercy)

“For your bravery, hard work, and dedication to our country we Thank you”
Edhi sahib one of those peoples who have significant impact on our lives.He prove that life is about making an impact, not making an income and also he prove that the one man can change the world and small step of someone can do something big for someone just make a difference .Even though he had no formal education yet he educated all through his humanitarian.He hold numerous lesson for everyone to reflect upon.The lesson that I have learned from his life:
“ start small and gain trust of people.create small services and spread out”

I always find myself passionate to help others whenever possible it dose not have to some thing big even something small can make a difference as Edhi sahibs mother gave him two paisa and advised him one give to someone who really need and one spend on himself.I started sharing resources, choice and decisions control our lives you can always make a decision that is always in our control your own willing to be a beginner can change the world your actions are valid.

just start you are braver than you believe it dose not matter how far you go as long as you don’t stop you have to know who you are and what you stand for. As Edhi sahib said, “I can begin small why i should think small” always aim high work hard for keep doing what you believe in.The mind is everything you became.

I always want to help people who need help i wanted to be a social worker and run an NGO,i have decided that i will study social work as my major but then i found my interest to study business and realize that for being a social work not neccessery to study social work so i studied business and also start helping people as much i can and still want to own an NGO I hope, I will what i am working for i will give my sleep for the greatest breakthrough that will take place in my life InshaAllah! All you need to do that is courage it dose not matter how slowly you go as long as you do don’t stop.

Not limit yourself you can do whatever you can really love to do no matter what it is just start.

Kill the Laziness Slap the Laziness Avoid the Laziness Laziness is the slow poison Drug to our body, So always Avoid laziness and Start Doing, Always keep Working….stop thinking & start doing!