Influence People :Become genuinely interested in other people.

One of the best book I have ever read “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. One of the key principles that I have learned in the book is : “become genuinely interested in other people.”This book has really changed the level of my discussion.I realized that how we can change our chit chat into a search program about others ultimately it helps us in our personal and professional life as well.

One of the primary skills he talks about in communication skills / people skills to make friends and improve social lives, he talks about becoming genuinely interested in other people. And from my experience in both business and personal life, I have found this extremely helpful and fruitful as well.

Nobody likes to talk people who only talk about themselves.Every time you meet people you imagine one of the two following things:

  1. You are Sherlock Holmes. Every person is the most interesting person in the world. Your job is to figure out why.
  2. Every person is an expert in something you are not. Learn from them.

The baseline here is that people know something you don’t and you want to find out what this is.This will help you. You will listen intently and actively. You will ask questions. You will hold eye contact.

Since I read the book and started to consciously try to bring into focus this, the results have been quite remarkable.Everyone has their own story, and some are just waiting for people to listen.

Recently I took “The Interested Challenge”. That require you have to be resist the habit to talk about yourself and focus on showing deep interest on others.To be honest that was very difficult for me to talk about others for 24 hours and avoid talking about yourself as I always talk about myself and telling people what am doing share my plans so it was a way too hard.

I’ve found there is something genuinely interesting about what somebody is doing. All I need to do is to pursue that interest I have, ask more questions and continue that conversation.

Before I knew this trick, people wouldn’t share their thoughts with me because I talked the whole time. Now that I know this trick, people tell me all sorts of things that they have never told me before.

It’s fascinating for me, and at the same time builds a greater connection and opens up more opportunities.

lesson: Prove to yourself and others that you are genuinely interested in other people. If you’re not sincere, people will see right through you. Good things can happen to you if you live your life by this principle.

“Do This And You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere”