Death Toll From Repression in Nicaragua Rises to 448, According to the ANPDH (Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights)

Photo Caption: Protests against the Nicaraguan government ignited this April 18th. LA PRENSA/Jader Flores

The death count increased by 97 since the last report was presented by the organization on July 11, when 351 were counted dead.

Elizabeth Romero

Jul 27, 2018

This article was translated by Paloma Orozco Scott and myself, and was originally posted in La Prensa. Click on title for original article in Spanish.

The death toll from Ortega’s repression of the protests in Nicaragua has increased to 448 in the first 100 days of social protests, according to the latest preliminary report from the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights [la Asociación Nicaragüense Pro Derechos Humanos (ANPDH)], presented this Thursday, July 26th.

The recorded deaths span from April 19th until July 25h.

Of the 448 dead, 399 are properly identified and the other 49 have not yet been identified, however there is evidence such as photos and news among other mediums.

The deaths increased by 97 bodies since the last report was presented by the organization on July 11, where they counted 351. This indicates that six people died per day in the 15 days that passed between both reports.

Managua reported highest number of murdered, with 189. Then followed Msaya with 55, Matagalpa with 32, Carazo and León 28 each, el Caribe Norte with 26, Jinotega with 19, Estelí with 17, Chontales with 12, Chinandega with 10, Río San Juan with 9, el Caribe Sur with 8, Boaco with 7, Granada with 4, Madriz with 2, Rivas con 1.

There is evidence of deaths in Chontales and Masaya, however there are too many [Police and paramilitary] barriers to access the zone, and for this reason the investigation is ongoing.

Of the total count, 22 are women and 426 men. Additionally, they counted 2,830 injured during the same period.

Three of the protest related deaths were foreigners, a Guatemalan, an American (U.S.), and a Brazilian. The rest are Nicaraguan.

The majority of the deaths are civilians with 383, another 40 people who are called “parapolicías,” 24 police officers, and and one soldier who was identified as Oswaldo Izaguirre. He died July 24th in a community of San José de Cusmapa, Madriz.

Furthermore, ANPDH counted 718 disappearances caused by the government repression against the peaceful protests throughout Nicaragua.

The executive secretary of ANDPH, Álvaro Leiva, expressed concern for the situation the repression has caused in the country and violations of Nicaraguan human rights demonstrated by the number of deaths and the increase in disappearances by kidnappings, which the majority of the time are orchestrated by paramilitaries.

Many of these cases happened in Monimbó, Masaya where it was reported that they had taken entire families. And they have yet to locate more than 500 of those abducted.

Since July 11th, when they presented a report of 351 deaths, there have been 97 more, the majority due to firearms: 356 of the 448 total.