What Advances in Phone Technology Will The Future Bring?

The 5 Key Future Phone Technologies

Modern phone technology is improving every day. These changes are influential and we need to keep an eye out for them, especially since, most of us spend a great deal of time on our phones.

Below you will find the top 5 things to you need to know.

1) There’s the Augmented Reality. This has to do with what we perceive through our senses. If we combine this with computer data, we have an instant overlay. We can use the camera on our phone to take a picture of a neighborhood somewhere in the city. This visual image will then, in turn, give us locations of places to eat or see nearby.

It gives you more of a “live feel”, more than most cameras are capable of right now. Though, some of the latest Smartphones already have this feature built-in. But you can expect the AR to become even more advanced in the coming years. You can also use this technology for either sexting or phone chat, it will help to give a more life like atmosphere to the entire experience.

2) Thanks to OLED lighting, you can now view movies and t.v. shows more comfortably and conveniently. This technology is paper-thin and portable and also can bend and fold. It will give you more of a pleasing way to view your favorite show. It will work wonders in a phone chat scenario. This paper-thin screen will give you the option of two sided projection. You can show your friends some images, while being able to control it all from the other side.

Wish Your Phone Could Do More?

3) Imagine the advantages of a built-in projector. Now, some of you might be okay with flexible screening. But if your not, then this is going to be a hot item for you. Initially introduced by Samsung back in 2010 there have been some major advancements with this feature in the last 6 years. You will be able to project things up to 50 inches on any available area. It’s like having a portable big screen T.V in your pocket!

4) Since Siri came on the scene, countless numbers of people have been making use of this feature. Well, now it’s going to become even better. It will soon be able to decipher any syntax or dictation, becoming superior in every way to it’s previous version. This feature will allow for greater accuracy in voice control and recognition.

5) We saved the best for last! Phones of the future will soon include hi-tech 3D screens & holograms. Smartphones manufacturer’s are looking to implement 3D technology into all there products in the coming months. There are already a few 3D screens on the market but not for the average consumer.

The Future is Closer Than You Think!

Currently the phone giants are looking into combining every feature; 3D, Retina display and projection all into one power packed super phone. Everyone thought you couldn’t get any better then the Retina Display, but they were wrong. Many companies have already been showcasing hologram tech, as early as last February. Soon they will be taking it to the streets… The future is getting closer everyday!

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