6 Pillars of Blogging: As a Business Person, Why Should You Blog?

All my student life, I have been told this numerous times:

“Build a solid foundation in the subject, only then the building will be strong enough”

I would carefully listen to this advice and then drift away in the things that I loved doing, which, to be honest were far from opening my school books!

Why should I study?

This was the question that popped up every now and then.

However, as time goes by, you come to realize the importance of the advice that you receive from the teachers and elders. And you are mature enough to understand the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of things.

How is this back story relevant to Blogging, you must be wondering?

Blogging is probably the most powerful communication tool on the internet. And if you are a business person, you definitely should blog.

As a business person, if you have ever wondered, “why should I blog?”, then you must read about the 6 pillars of blogging.

1. Publishable

Blogging gives people the power to publish the content they please and that too quite inexpensively. Today, it has become very easy to start a blog and have an online presence. Each post that you publish is instantly available online. You can publish often and the content you publish defines you as a blogger.

2. Findable

The content that you publish on your blog can be accessed by anyone on the internet through search engines. It can be searched by the subject, the author name or both. The more you post, the more findable you become.

3. Social

People from various geographies can connect with each other through a blog, share ideas, interact and collaborate. Blogosphere is a giant social platform in itself. You will be surprised by the interesting conversations and learnings that you come across in the blogosphere.

4. Viral

Let’s face it, there is no better medium for viral marketing than through blogs which are fast and efficient. Infact, information often spreads across the internet faster via blogs rather than news channels.

5. Syndicatable

RSS feeds let you get real time updates on your favourite blogs via email. You don’t have to open up individual blogs and search for updated content. It’s like a free and personalized home delivery of fresh content that you care about.

6. Linkable

Each blog can link to all others on the internet which creates a giant network of its own. Every blogger has access to millions of other bloggers and the content and ideas can be shared across.

Now, all these blogging elements can be found elsewhere, and they don’t have much individual value, however when these elements combine together, they form the most powerful communication channel on the internet.

And, as a business person, you cannot afford not to blog.

What do you think?