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Aug 24, 2016 · 11 min read

From Arrabal-AID we´d like to welcome you to our team and wish you good luck in this new professional stage. We hope it will be as productive as possible.

The purpose of this manual is to facilitate you the most your incorporation into the organization, providing a guide to consult and resolve doubts and initial concerns, such as “who we are” and “what we do”. In addition you will have relevant information that will help you on your first day with us.

Welcome, and we hope to grow with you in this new stage you have started.


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Charter of Arrabal AID:

Annual Report plus interest documents and updated information:

Strategic Plan :

Multidisciplinary, creative and social group


ARRABAL-AID is a social and non-profit organization. Our mission is to work for full employment and social integration of people, especially the most vulnerable, supporting them through measures and actions to impact on the social environment. We must take good care of all people and taking care of the quality we give in our services, making the person served leave our entity having satisfied their demand.


Our vision and aim is being open to lifelong learning and to be recognized as a referent in the field of social and labor incorporation.


· Committed, ethical and transparent management.

· Active participation / role of people.

· Professionalism: quality at work in the service of people.

· Sustainability: lasting impact on people, territory and environment.

· Human Dignity: believe in people regardless of their condition.

· Social justice: Inequality, poverty, discrimination are social anomalies.

· Critical reflection: We learn, move forward, we improve.

· Consistency: our actions are proof of our values.

· Respect: There is no single model of citizenship or family. We respect diversity.

· Our organization is based on consistent, honest and committed people.


In the spring of 1992 two students from the School of Social Work in Malaga, José Carlos Montera and Jesus Corrales, started out to design the idea “Arrabal-AID” during their academic internship in a drug addiction treatment center. This idea is based on the reflection that any action undertaken in the fight against social exclusion would be unfinished if not envisaged employment (labor inclusion, integration, training …) as a main focus of social intervention when your goal is to incorporate people towards a full citizenship in terms of rights and responsibilities.

Besides the promoters of the idea, a large group of people also took part in this project , as Maite Marquez (social worker), José Luis Aguilera (pedagogue), Mariló Pérez (psychologist) and Isabel Pérez (social work student). The ”Arrabal-AID” Association was founded on July 6, 1992 although the registration and legalization didn’t occur until October very same year.

As a result of the work performed and network collaboration with the Association “La Calle” by the end of that year, we started up the Center for Social and Labor equipment “Arrabal” in “García Briz” street. In spite of that it was not until February 1994 when the “Arrabal” Center was officially inaugurated.

Arrabal AID en Calle Andalucía

Months later Arrabal joins with the network Araña, statewide network of social organizations working for the common goal of promoting social and labor inclusion of unemployed people.

This inclusion marks our path beginning with the opening of our activities to the youth population unemployed and through diversification of services: training of technicians, socio-educational intervention with children at risk, information services and documentation for employment…

The collaborating institutions network also grew up and we have been having the support of institutions such as: the Provincial Directorate of Labor and Social Affairs and the Directorate General of Youth and Volunteer of the Board, the Association of Workers / Social Malaga, INEM, Malaga City Council through the area Youth and social Welfare.

At the same time collaborations and actions developed with local and regional government has been consolidated. This consolidation is reflected in the momentum of our training actions for technicians, unemployed people with programs like vocational guidance, self-employment, association management, insertion of ex drug-dependent persons, among others.

Arrabal-AID Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz)

Over the years, training has established itself as one of our main services, because of this the aim of reach more population made us opening of a new headquarters in “Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz)”, back in 2010. Over the years the organization has evolved towards working with all groups with difficulties in social and labor insertion.

Since August 2013, the “Arrabal-AID” Association carries out its work in the Center Plaza Montano, a space sponsored by the City of Malaga through the ‘Arrabales and Carreterias’ Urban Initiative, which is located in “Dos Aceras” street.

We encourage you to read the article written by one of the founding members, Jesus Corrales, that you can find in our website. This article analyzes how social work has been adapted to the professionalization of the third sector and the evolution of social policies in recent years and reminds us of the fundamental principles of career guidance. The same principles that “Arrabal-AID” Association is fighting for.


Arrabal AID operation as a social and democratic entity is developed according to the Organic Law 1/2002 regulating the Right of Association and Articles of the entity.

In these statutes, governing bodies, the Assembly of Partners and the Board are collected.

The governing body is the Assembly of members and partners. The Assembly members and partners meet at least once a year in ordinary session, and at least once more with extraordinary character.

However, the statute of the company includes the possibility and the procedure for the assembly to meet in exceptional cases when a particular situation requires it. The assembly consists of 40 members and partners.

On the other hand, the directorate is composed of 6 members who manage the entity during the year.

Arrabal AID consists of a multidisciplinary team composed of people from different training areas. Together with partners, workers, we are fortunate to share our daily experience with volunteers, interns, community service workers, european volunteers, etc.

What do we do?

Arrabal AID Asociacion offers permanently a series of services designed to cover comprehensively all the needs for training, employment and social revitalization programs. In short, these actions can be briefly summarized as:

  • Information: about employment and social resources available in Malaga, labor market, job offers, information youth emancipation (housing), training, scholarships, resources, self-employment, volunteering and social action through information boards, dossiers, press, etc …
  • Labour Orientation: This is offered through individual sessions and workshops. Everything needed to effectively seek employment is given through these actions: vocational and career goal planning, resources and knowledge of the market, pre-employment and social search skills, motivation, tools development aspects, etc. We also provide guidance and support throughout the process of job search and maintenance of work activity for those who need more attention.
  • Self-orientation area: where anyone, for free has access to a computer with Internet connection to everything related to the job search or social resources, portals such as access to employment, development of search tools, documental consultation, etc.
  • Information Resources International mobility: All bases on provide information on scholarships and language courses, job offers and internships, volunteer and European programs.
  • Professional training for employment. “Arrabal” has become, for its expertise in this field since 1999, a reference face and online to share experiences and methodology.

It intended to be an effective way to promote social integration and employment of people at risk of exclusion. All of this through processes that help them to access to resources, employment, training, new technologies and promotion of personal autonomy. AIDEI, company whose 100% equity belongs to “Arrabal AID” and commitment to open new lines of work in which opportunities are generated for the users of our programs.

  • Social innovation. From “Arrabal AID” there is committed to experimentation and creation of new working models to facilitate, improve and provide solutions for social problems.

Some of our programs

Arrabal AID develops an average of 50 programs a year, in matters of employment, training and social dynamism. Among which we are:

REINCORPORA de ¨la Caixa¨: facilitates labor integration for people at risk of exclusion.

More information about program:

More information about program:

Andalucía Orienta + Acompañamiento a la Inserción: Andalusian Employment Service Program created to improve the employability of unemployed people focusing on curriculum, contacting companies, social skills or job interviews.

Join the project Banco del Tiempo:

Banco de Tiempo: Reflects the interest of the public to share their knowledge, skills and experience. It is a unique project by using time as currency exchange, practice equality — one hour is the same for everyone — and all activities are valued in the same way. It is a form of reciprocal volunteering which is valued in the same way the giving and receiving. This means that people who are normally considered passive recipients of care become active and valued members of the community.

Follow all activities CaixaProinfancia

Caixa Proinfancia: With the support of “la Caixa” and its CaixaProinfancia program, this aims to break the cycle of poverty transmission from parents to children by ensuring access to quality educational opportunities. CaixaProinfancia: Through the program, we conducted a comprehensive intervention providing children and their families, school support services, counseling, non-formal education and leisure-in open centers, camps or urban neighborhoods — in addition to food aid and hygiene Children, school equipment, glasses and hearing aids.

Project Information:

Servicio de Acompañamiento Laboral (SAL): addressed to prisoners and parolees people to promote their access to the labor market and social integration.

Who they are aimed our activities?

•General public.
• Long-term unemployed people.
• Women with poor access to employment.
•Immigrants with difficulties in finding work.
• Youth at risk of exclusion and coming from school failure.
•Persons deprived of liberty.
•Families with minimum income and children less than 16 years.


The entity is committed to developing CSR in all its objectives, also internally. Moreover we can count with others measures including the Energy Management, Promoting recycling, equality or effective management of working time, which have been developed in our company under our Strategic Plan contained in specific document.

ThinkBig 2016

Facilities of Arrabal AID

In Malaga, located at calle Dos Aceras nº23–25, 29012, (Málaga) 952 300 500

In Cadiz, located at Avenida la Vid, edificio Espinel nº1, 11130, Chiclana de la Frontera, 956 100 015

Our facilities are opened to all citizens for activities that are related to our mission, as long as there are available. These should apply through our website. If a working person who makes a reservation must do so through the website and server Classrooms Calendar View in the Central folder. When facilities are provided there will always be one person in charge, deriving or looking for the person to be responsible for opening / closing and good use of the facilities.

We also develop our activities in other locations provided by government, social organizations, companies, etc.

Each and every one of the members of Arrabal-AID must make appropriate and respectful use of physical facilities and equipment of the organization to avoid causing injury or damage. In addition, we are committed to the environment, thus saving energy and other resources are essential.


Our websites:

Twitter: Arrabal-AID




Insertion company:

We hope this manual has served to answer your initial questions and initial as good motivation in this new part of your professional career.

WELCOME, we celebrate are you here :)

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