Republican insider: Trump is creating Deep State 2.0, but it might crash the economy (EXCLUSIVE)
Nafeez Ahmed

I’m not too keen on this discussion feature. I’d like to respond to other commenters but see no way to do so. The site, and the commenting feature, is slick enough. I’m more interested in functionality (and who provides the functionality).

One poster mentioned a degree of confusion about what is revealed here. In my own case, I am not so much confused as challenged. I haven’t found anything — major — here to disagree with. Not only that, But I feel that I’ve been enlightened.

Where an element of confusion enters, for me, is how this understanding of the deep state squares with the goals of those American neoconservative players within it who follow Zbig’s grand chessboard plan (of destabilization of Eurasia with a view to penetrating the Heartland and dominating it). But it doesn’t feel like confusion, probably because it all meshes and makes sense.

Zbig’s vision, like Trump’s vision, is visionless. These are merely self-modified people who now think that’s what important in life is winning and that winning must come at others’ expense. They are the imperialists and the colonists and the exploiters and oppressors. John Perkins, James Laxer and others make it clear that imperialists, today, don’t have to use bullets. Except that their partners in the private sector (‘defense’ contractorsd et al) need them to. And Ellen Woods makes it clear that it would be mistake to imagine that those doing imperialism and colonization won’t resort to bullits, and other extremes, if they need to.

Zbig’s chessboard fantasies, based on Harold Mackinder and Nicholas Spykman’s ideas (Heartland and Rimland, respectively), are nothing more than the organization of chaos. The chessboard idea, like communism as a global, ruthless conspiracy, is merely a way for the marauders, who are going to maraud regardless, to talk about this rapine among themselves and look serious, which allows them to coordinate and furnishes onlookers with the ability to fool themselves into thinking that here are far-seeing Benefactors (since that’s what they all claim to be) who know what they are doing.

Natylie Baldwin and Kermit Heartsongs’ book, “Ukraine — Zbig’s Grand Chessboard & How The West Was Checkmated” presents a great breakdown on all of this, even if the authors engage in a little too much bravado for my taste.

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