How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State
Nafeez Ahmed

Oh boy is there a lot of projection going on! Bannon spouts nonsense about America being not just a nation and an economy but a culture, by which he means a white culture. He wants to protect his white supremecist culture by attacking whatever he thinks is a threat to it. He arrogantly speaks for all whites, which he is not entitled to do. Yet. But the thing is, It’s so perverse. Europeans — whites — come over to North America and wipe out the indigenous population and kick aside the few among the First Nations who still exist. And along comes Bannon talking about defending his white supremecist culture, implying that it is natural (no doubt subscribing to those fantasies I’ve read about where the occupiers mythologize that the land was mostly empty and there for the taking).

It’s similar, very, to Benjamin Netanyahu’s thinking. The fear that he and his associates have of the Palestinians is that if they are not literally exterminated, then they will multiply until Israelis are the numerical minority. And then ‘they’ will be wiped out! That is why Netanyahu et al are very busy creating ‘facts’ on the ground, namely facts that add up to the kind of fantasy Bannon spouts about America also being a white culture, except that in Netanyahu’s case it’s a white, Israeli culture popped down on an almost empty Palestine.

It doesn’t occur to those madmen that they are projecting onto their victims the kind of racist, violent attitudes that they themselves possess. It doesn’t occur to them (except perhaps in private moments when they are alone with their thoughts) that perhaps the Palestinians and Arabs generally, even if in the numerical majority in Palestine, might just want peace and to go about their lives. No. They fear that their victims will do to them what they are doing to those victims.

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