It diverts attention away from the reality that the highest British institutions do business with regimes in the Muslim world that partner with extremists.
Our children in Manchester paid the price of business as usual
Nafeez Ahmed

Which I always found to be irrational. Fascist leaders have to function in the modern, interconnected world. Since they have no desire to rid us of mafia capitalism (designed by the US post World War II and dominated by the US still), then how will they function fully as business people having to do business with racially impure others? The answer: Ethnopluralism, evidently. I discovered this interesting idea which addressed this criticism of fascists which I’ve long had in a Newsbud report discussing Alexander Dugin’s ideas. The idea of ethnopluralism is that you can be fascist and work with other fascists by overlooking their inferiority. Which tracks. Because we are talking about people who, in fact, have a lot of problems, including a lack of humility (in which you take a default, considerate, position that others are ‘not’ inferior to yourself), lots of false pride, no decency and zero honesty and zero interest in democracy.

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