StarGarden: The Gameplay

In StarGarden, Players Will Create Their Tribe, Forge New Friendships, Unlock and Craft Powerful Creatures, Trade Valuable Assets, Fight Epic Battles, and Collectively Restore a Fantastic Shattered World.

Our first game, StarGarden, will be a community building, 3rd person view, multiplayer autobattler game, with innovative RPG mechanics, set in an extraordinary and dangerous sci-fi-fantasy universe. Players create meaningful connections in tribes of 10–40; grow their StarGarden base together, battle against other tribes, and cooperatively unlock ever more powerful and tradable content over a period of many years. We plan for crossplay between mobile & PC

Create Your Tribe and Forge New Friendships

In our game you land on floating islands above an extraordinary and dangerous world. We call them StarGardens.

These StarGardens are the players’ main hub. Here they congregate with their tribe, strategize, build together and forge long lasting friendships.

Every member of the tribe matters. Gameplay progression is team based, the world’s top tribes will be those that most effectively cooperate. If a tribe doesn’t work for you, you are free to migrate to other StarGardens at will.

Teammates contribute asynchronously, playing whenever is most convenient for them, completing epic challenges, and unlocking everything from Fairies to Star Cruisers.

Unlock and Craft Powerful Creatures

Players collect creatures of ever increasing power and scale, engage them in combat against enemies and or other competing StarGarden teams, earning ingredients, in-game currency and materials.

Materials enable players to build advanced structures which unlock new creatures. They must come together to decide which ones to build.

Trying to unlock all the creatures would take decades; and so tribes have to make strategic choices as to which paths their StarGarden will pursue.

Different structures unlock different biomes/domains in our universe; the creature denizens of each biome have unique abilities and weaknesses. There are millions of different combinations possible, which makes for a game easy to pick up and hard to master.

Tribes are constantly unlocking new creatures through cooperative gameplay, and players then customize their personal creature roster. Creatures are not static, they can be combined, evolved and trained.

Trade Valuable Assets

Depending on the choice of path a tribe takes for their StarGardens, players will earn different kinds of ingredients and materials each day. These ingredients are used by each player to craft special creatures that are rare and can be sold to other players.

We don’t sell any creatures, ingredients, or materials. The game’s economy is built for players and by players. They craft, build and sell everything to each other without the presence of microtransactions or pay to win mechanics.

Ingredient drops depend on the path a tribe takes and there are many paths. Crafting a creature requires a wide variety of ingredients, depending on its rarity and level. This makes it so that players engage in trading to gather their missing ingredients and in turn sell the ones they don’t need.

Fight in Epic Battles

Players engage in quest battles against creatures of the world (PVE). They also engage in tribal battles against other StarGardens (Tribe vs Tribe, or what we call TvT). The latter are full blown (up to) 40 on 40 player battles with multiple creatures per player, resulting in battles with hundreds of creatures. Strategy and coordination will matter a lot, allowing for underdogs to beat more powerful teams if they play in clever fashion.

Massive asynchronous auto-battling systems make this enjoyable to play and watch even for new or casual gamers.

Collectively Restore a Fantastic Shattered World

In our story, players are called upon to repair a fractured world whose life source has been depleted by mysterious entities. Players land on floating islands — barren fragments that broke away from the mainland — vestiges of a past shattered by greed, gluttony, and war. Tribes of human players, of all identities and skill-sets, will use these StarGardens as a base to explore, battle, and reclaim a lost life source, and be the vanguard for future waves of human explorers.

Players forge a new frontier for humanity in a harsh but beautiful land. Together, players uncover the secrets of this world’s ancient history by opening portals to lands that were long ago annihilated, recovering artifacts of immense power and resurrecting beings of awe-inspiring scale.

In StarGarden, you can be part of an exciting future where the relationships you forge are just as important as the creatures you unlock, craft, and trade.

This is just the first step into the larger IP and universe we plan to build alongside our community.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that as we go further in production and test gameplay, certain elements of the game are subject to change but the core ethos driving our mission, which is to give our player citizens as much value as possible, will remain the same.



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Arrivant is the next era of sociable gaming; powered by Solana blockchain and player built real money economies.