StarGardens: A new kind of NFT

Calling: 7,027 Explorers

Build your tribe and rescue a dying world

This is Not another PfP project.

We’re building a Co-op, Free 2 Play, Play 2 Earn MMORPG, powered by Solana Blockchain, that restores the sense of adventure and empowerment that made the earliest virtual worlds so wonderful. The difference is that we are deploying a bonanza of new technologies (secret sauce) and pro-consumer design methodologies that will make such a world enduring, and without the barrage of loot boxes, mount sales, and pay to win systems that you don’t want but were forced to endure.

​​This is not another excuse to have an NFT. Our NFTs are here to support our game, not the other way around.

While many games today that use NFTs focus on the novelty of NFTs to drive sales, our approach is to build a massively multiplayer game that uses a player to player trade economy to boost social interaction and engagement. For us the NFT isn’t the goal, it’s a tool that has been missing until now that can allow MMOs to be much larger and more engaging than the products that have come before with more limited technology.

StarGardens, a special bridge between the lore and our true fans.

We’re creating a world full of mystery. Our goal is to build a special relationship between our player citizens and our Story Universe. There is an epic tale that will only be revealed by the community working together to collect all the clues. Some of these clues will be coming from the founding StarGardens as they “talk” to their owners. Other clues can only be revealed by teams overcoming challenges together on their StarGardens.

The Founding StarGarden NFT.

Only 7,027 Founding StarGarden NFTs will ever be minted and be usable in our game. The only way to obtain them after the initial mint will be through secondary marketplaces.

Buried within each of these Founding StarGardens metadata is a different combination of attributes that are algorithmically generated. These attributes represent essential game and story elements from our universe. We will not generate any more of this series, and only the Founding StarGardens will have this unique embedded metadata.

Early Beta Access to the Game

We intend for Founding StarGarden owners to have early access to beta and there will be multiple phases for how the beta will roll out. Founding StarGarden owners will know the world better than anyone else because they will be the first to get there. Their feedback will be the most important early guidance we get. Since the Founding StarGarden will be usable in our game to unlock ownership of an entire play space, we also intend to issue to holders additional beta access permissions for their friends so they can explore together.

Drops Exclusive to Founding StarGarden Owners

Each Founding StarGarden has special and differentiated attributes that are communication channels with our game’s story world. You will receive special drops to your wallet, depending on the attributes your Founding StarGarden has; some are common, some are wandering, some are long buried. This world has many secrets and your Founding StarGarden is one of its pathways. These drops do not give you unfair advantage in the game.

Private Discord Channel for Founding StarGarden Owners

While our mission will expand and the community will grow, we want the owners of the Founding StarGardens to have their own space to discuss the mission in a private discord channel.

Unique Aesthetics for Founding StarGarden Owners

Once the game has launched, other StarGardens will exist as we expect many players will join, but the Founding StarGardens’ status will be apparent.

Lead Your Own StarGarden

Once the game launches we intend for the Founding StarGardens to unlock ownership of a large play space that can host dozens of players that you get to choose. This is your team, your Tribe. They will cooperate to advance the capabilities of the in game StarGarden that actively evolves daily, depending on the skill and motivation of its inhabitants. The StarGarden literally grows in power every day that its inhabitants successfully cooperate. That means that the StarGarden in the game grows in power over time and the NFT that unlocks its ownership can be traded or sold. Perhaps more importantly, the inhabitants have the opportunity to build social bonds as they strive to help each other.

The StarGarden is the central hub for all gameplay

100% of the content of our game is unlocked via StarGarden evolution. That evolution can only happen with teamwork. This is not a Massively Single Player Game, these are fairly common in the marketplace if you have that preference. This also means that over time each StarGarden in the game becomes unique, with characteristics no other StarGarden will have. 99+% of the other NFTs in our game will be player crafted and traded. We have robust systems to prevent this from creating a Pay to Win or otherwise unfair gameplay environment. Everything you battle with must be earned.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that as we go further in production and test gameplay, certain elements of the game may change but the core ethos driving our mission, which is to give our player citizens as much value as possible, will remain the same.

By Ramin Shokrizade, co-founder, mad scientist and Metagame Design Director at Arrivant_

*Immerse yourself in our story




Arrivant is the next era of sociable gaming; powered by Solana blockchain and player built real money economies.

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Arrivant is the next era of sociable gaming; powered by Solana blockchain and player built real money economies.

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