The Arrivant Tribe

7 min readSep 30, 2021


We are a group of game industry veterans, builders and visionaries who live and breathe crypto, VR/XR pioneers and quite frankly lunatics with a huge vision.

We come from working at companies like Valve, Wargaming, Immutable, Microsoft, Weta Digital… Our advisors built the first Call of Duty and pioneered the science of immersion.

We’re grateful to the community that has begun to grow and build alongside us and look forward to the many new teammates who will join us in this journey! We are looking to continue hiring and growing the tribe of blockchain engineers, artists, and in-game developers needed to successfully execute our designs.

Below we introduce to you our growing core team. We’re diverse in our pfps but also in our backgrounds and perspectives that we bring to the table. We consider this a key asset to building a successful slice of the metaverse.

Cedric Gamelin (0xBelkan)

Belkan is CEO & co-founder. His works in VR/MR/XR are world renowned, having led teams of game developers & engineers to build over 18 groundbreaking (AR/VR/MR) experiences for clients such as AT&T, PBS, Cox, Google, Warner Brothers, and Mozilla. These pieces showcased at 60+ cities worldwide, and 100+ venues including the Venice International Film Festival, World XR Forum, SXSW, Sundance, Kennedy Center, and Art Basel. The first VR experience he produced in 2016 was invited to screen at the United States Congress. The photogrammetry, videogrammetry, and other immersive technologies combined for the first time in this experience became industry standard and are still in use today.

During his years building groundbreaking pieces he realized that automation was replacing his skilled human team at a fast pace. This triggered his vision to “build a game universe where AI doesn’t take away our jobs and our sense of purpose. IRL automation makes us obsolete; but in the worlds we build at ARRIVANT your actions matter, you matter to your tribe, you are having fun and earning money, and you are part of building an exciting future that needs you..”

He’s also French and always wears a scarf, even in 100° temperatures.

Meg McWilliams (M3GO)

Meg is a proud flower monk and one of our Co-Founders.

She’s the boss of operations and community. After a career of working in the arts doing community building, fundraising, and producing she left her position at Sundance Film Festival to dive into the immersive space where she fell in love with virtual technologies and communities.

She has created wide ranging work in VR,AR and WebVR, from brand activations to immersive journalism.She became Director of Development and Producer at award winning XR studio, Emblematic Group, where she wore many hats but focused on creating partnerships with companies like AT&T, Wall Street Journal, Firefox Mozilla and more. But most importantly that’s where she met 0xBelkan and while creating crazy VR together they were also concocting the future. It was in 2018 after reading their first article about NFTs that they began bringing all the pieces together, including finding their 3rd co-founder Ramin to build this exciting vision.

Ramin Shokrizade (Sarcerok)

Crazy Mad Scientist, Lead Game Designer and… our co-founder!

Ramin was there between 1999 and 2004 when the golden age of gaming was at its height, when p2e economies already existed. He built the metagames and economies for World of Tanks Blitz and World of Warships which brought in $1b+ in revenues. More recently he created the designs for the metagame and play to earn economies for Gods Unchained.

He’s assisted dozens of studios worldwide with their game economies going back to 2001, including Microsoft, Mythic Entertainment, CCP, Take 2, Nickelodeon, and of course Wargaming.

Until co-founding Arrivant, Ramin was making other people’s games and turning them into billion $ successes — but he was limited in what he could deploy. It’s the first time in his career he has full creative control of the economic and meta design — which means he’s not just implementing parts of his technologies, in our game he’s going all in.

Probably nothin’…

Craig Allen

Craig Allen has officially joined the team as Chief Strategic Officer. Not only has he co-founded companies like Spark Unlimited but was also EVP & GM at The Henson Company and part of the founding team at Disney Interactive (MM, Toy Story). He has brought legendary games like “Call of Duty” to the market & will be instrumental in making Arrivant a leader in the sociable P2E gaming category.

Victoria Johnson (Galathynius)

Victoria is our Marketing Director, she is the bridge between Arrivant’s super story & community engagement. Some may call her the linchpin between fantasy & reality here at HQ. While she has worked in the entertainment industry for the last decade, with companies like Audi, MGM Grand & All Things Comedy, nothing resonated with her like the NFT community. She is currently focused on building our online community into a safe public forum for us all to call home.

Jonathan Yomayuza (Yoko)

Yoko is our Technical Director/3d Generalist, who has been pushing the boundaries of VR for over 10 years. A visionary and pioneer, he has built multi-platform award-winning experiences in VR/AR/MR that have showcased around the world, including features at the Sundance Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, SXSW, Siggraph, and the White House. He was also our crew member who received the mysterious Message from Eluüne. We are sometimes unsure of what reality he is currently in.


One of the blacksmiths of our blockchain — this guy casts the wizardry of tech wherever he goes, a true all-terrain with several years of corporate and tech startup experience. Word on the street is that once upon a time he could be found in Counter-Strike 7pm-to-7am dawn sessions. Keen yogi, jiujitsu “roller” and extra virgin olive oil appreciator.


A starry eyed autodidact, Ajobi has participated and won many hackathons in the Ethereum ecosystem. He loves all things blockchain and specializes in the implementation of DAO incentive systems and full-stack software work. In his free time when he’s not blabbering about blockchain in cafes, he’s seen rock climbing, watching Monty Python and, most importantly, beating 0xPrado at counter strike.

Derek Pastuszek (dpdpdp)

Derek Pastuszek is our Story Architect; and many such things as an award-winning filmmaker whose stories weave the literary with the cinematic. His first film, [solitary], finished its festival run with a special screening at the White House (Obama admin., July 2016 & produced by 0xBelkan), while other works of his have been shown at film festivals worldwide including Tribeca. Currently, he’s a Staff Writer on the upcoming series The Resort (Peacock/EsmailCorp/UCP). Someone stole his 50GB iPod Video in 2006 and he still wants it back.


Passionate about improving the lives of others through streamlined user experiences, problem-solving, and creative details, EnoV is our Web, UI/UX, and NFT designer; her genius is in creating the bridge between human and product; PhDs call this human-centered design. Also loves pizza and baking in the middle of the night while a storm is brewing in her brain for her next project.


Rosh prides himself as being an absolute gamer degen who overly exerts his mental fortitude into gaming. Which we embrace… only because he’s our lead engineer on the game dev side and his pedigree brings a wide array of game engine and programming skills to our team. Among others he developed VR/AR/MR experiences for a multitude of partners such as PBS, Google, Cox, Wall Street Journal & Mozilla. He also built AT&T’s first public facing 5g MR experience leveraging experimental hologram extensions, Tensorflow, data mapping & machine learning.

Noodle Boi

Noodle Boi is our gorilla marketer, focusing on European markets, GenZ and our youngest on the team. He’s plugged in, having participated in multiple hype beast underground secondary markets to make a living since he was 15. This instilled in him great marketing instincts, insatiable curiosity, and his jump into NFTs, which sparked M3G0 and Belkan’s attention in 2019 when he came to work at the VR startup. He is in charge of looking for the most avant garde communication techniques to promote our lore and entertain our Lules. He says he would die for wine and cheese but we call him Noodle Boi because he went a year just eating instant noodles.

Jemmy Jem

We have a new commander joining the mission to help with community building and strategic partnerships. Jemmy helped co-create the MonkeDAO and is well known for consistently bringing immense value to the Solana ecosystem and the communities he supports. He currently also works with Digital Eyes, and his background is in traditional finance and working closely with gaming startups. A lover of games, Jemmy is passionate about the future of p2e and very excited to join all of us at Project Eluüne!




Arrivant is the next era of sociable gaming; powered by blockchain and player built real money economies.