Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off
Chris Kluwe

Remember this Chris?


Remember that instead of reporting your fellow NFL players for their abuse of an underage girl, you used it? Remember using the Penn State/Sandusky scandal as a joke?

Remember being that evil person that you are? Why would ANYONE think what you have to say about this is of any importance?

I’ll tell you why; it’s not who you are, or even what you’re saying that matter. It’s what you can do to cover up the scandal, that the media you’re defending have been benefiting their friends, taking trips, visiting strip clubs, and taking other things that may as well be bribes, from AAA companies, and have been LYING about virtually everything, including if they collude to benefit their friends/lovers/roommates.

It doesn't matter that you’d use the sexual victimization of an underage woman or of many underage men as a joke, only that you currently help them cover up by throwing gamers under the bus as evil misogynists who make threats, despite a total lack of any evidence of gamers making such threats.

You are a vile person. Ray Rice must be just the prefect example of the sort of NFL you think should exist, right? If you’re not raping them in the locker room, you’re beating them unconcious on video in an elevator, and then tweeting about it and writing articles pretending you care about the plight of women in modern first world society.

You’re a hypocrite, and I hope people seek evidence rather than just accept your lies.