An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Your update is justice done.

I feel your pain; I really do. But the mistake was yours. The Bay area costs too much to live in or near. You’d do better moving somewhere you liked living less but got paid closer to a living wage.

You took that job; you knew what it paid when you did. You got a degree in something that’s going to be difficult for you to use to make a living doing. You’ve made mistake after mistake, and this letter was yet another mistake.

So here’s my advice. Leave. Get out of the Bay Area, go somewhere less pleasant, with a much lower cost of living, and a much higher availability of good paying jobs. Don’t take a job that doesn’t pay enough for where the job is located.

Yelp? Well, it’ll discover it needs to pay its employees better when they all leave. And if they don’t, then obviously it doesn’t need to pay them better, because it’s content with stupid employees. If you work for Yelp? Go work somewhere else. Leave the bay area.

At some point, you need to accept that reality is not what you wish it were. You can work to change that, but this letter isn’t an example of that, and the results are entirely predictable.

Best of luck; next time use your head rather than your heart when you make a decision like this. And again, get out of the bay area. I can’t stress that enough. The cost of living there is way outside the average wage, and it’s bound to collapse sooner, rather than later.

And it’s full of nasty entitled idiots with rich parents who don’t understand what privilege really is.

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