Configuring Azure VNet Service Endpoints (preview) for Azure Blob Storage

Arsen Vladimirskiy
Dec 14, 2017 · 1 min read

In this video, we experiment with configuring Azure Virtual Network Service Endpoints (preview) for Azure Blob Storage and look at how to confirm it is in place by reviewing VM NIC effective routes, storage diagnostic logs, and traceroute. We also perform simple download tests via wget and uploads via Blobporter.

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Table of Contents

00:53 Test download from storage using wget
02:55 traceroute to storage account
04:50 Check NIC effective routes prior to enabling service endpoint
06:10 Turn on service endpoint for storage on one subnet
07:30 Check effective routes after enabling service endpoint
10:00 Review storage account diagnostic logs
13:10 Upload test using Blobporter
15:45 Use dstat to see network and other counters
17:40 Download test using Blobporter
18:27 Removing service endpoint

traceroute using TCP protocol

traceroute -T

dstat showing network and other counters

dstat tam -N eth0

Blobporter set storage credentials


Blobporter upload

blobporter -f /F00000 -c test -n F00000.dat

Blobporter download

blobporter -c test -n F00000.dat -t blob-file

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