Using Teradata TdBench to generate and load 300GB TPC-H data set on Azure

Arsen Vladimirskiy
Dec 7, 2017 · 2 min read

In this video, we walk through downloading, installing, configuring, and using Teradata TdBench 7.2 to generate and load 1GB and 300GB TPC-H data sets into Teradata Database (Developer Tier) deployed from Azure Marketplace.

Video Walkthrough

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Table of Contents

00:00 — Teradata TdBench 7.2 on Azure
02:36 — TdBench configuration
04:46 — Validate TdBench user
05:27 — Run
07:01 — Create tpch1g database
09:44 — Install Teradata Tools (tdload)
11:39 — Re-run data load
12:31 — Data load finished
13:21 — Create tpch300g database
14:17 — View iostat during data generation
15:16 — Data gen of 300G finished
16:50 — Load 300GB of files into tpch300g database
19:39 — Use Viewpoint to see tables being loaded
20:26–300GB data load finished
22:36 — Start serial TPC-H queries
23:34 — iostat during query execution
25:31 — View TdBench Result Tables
27:23 — Viewing results of 300GB serial run

Teradata TdBench 7.2

Create tpch1g database

Check perm space used

Create tpch300g database

Check perm space used

Add more perm space

Run serial TPC-H commands to check empty tables

Run TPC-H data load command

TdBench result tables

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