2016 Democratic Debate Ratings Rank Far Ahead of Most Primary Debates
Luis Miranda

It is ludicrous to say that Donald Trump sets the tone for the Republicans. He is hated and despised by almost all the Republican presidential candidates. And he is a hated and despised figure within the Republican establishment as well. Poll numbers are carefully crafted and manufactured to make him look good. But not to make him look good out of any reverence for the man; the establishment has little respect for him as a man. But he has become the leading propagandist for the establishment so it is the duty and obligation of those who feed him his demagoguery to give him credibility. And there is no better way to give credibility to a viewpoint than to propel the chief propagandist of that point of view to the top of the polls. Nor should we assume that he is somehow beloved by the establishment: He is a figure despised and reviled by the establishment. The work they have given him and the agenda that they have set for him are not ones they would give someone whom they love and respect. Or, indeed, one of their own. But they have picked the right man for the job: A man with a typical adolescent mind who wants to say the things that will make him stand out in the crowd. He was surely behaving just this way in his high school years: Saying all the stupid things and drawing attention to himself in the classroom. He has always had the desire to stand out and be noticed. The establishment has picked up on this intense desire he has to stand out. But he was also chosen because he has something that is not easy to come by: name recognition. And the establishment has done more than just fabricate his poll numbers: They have given him the attention he desperately craves: they have given him center stage. Make no mistake about it: The elevation of Chris Christie to the main stage was a tool to keep the number of candidates on the stage an odd number. And the establishment will make sure to always keep odd the number of candidates, thereby guaranteeing only one true center. A center that will always be occupied by their beloved Mr. Trump.

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