Panel, left to right: Matthew Santone, Lisa Woods, Dario Fidanza, Mark Rolston and Jared Ficklin *Photo Credits: Ian MacDowell

We closed the UX For New Tech arch of AIGA Small Talks last week at argodesign with an all-time record turn out. Thank you all who came out, both AIGA members and non-members alike, your curiosity and interest made this event a complete success.

In this year’s arch I sought to trace a high-level overview of new and future technologies as we explored design outside of the confines of screens and traditional media.

Interaction Design

In this study case, I explored the concept of ‘Change’ and the proven idea that:

“With a good support system network that keeps people accountable and motivated with their resolutions, they would find it easier to affect real change in their lives.”

Born out of my personal understanding that change requires, commitment, perseverance and willpower, as well as a supportive environment that fosters and celebrates such shift, I began toying with the idea of creating a way for people to commit to lifestyle changes. I began by observing different types of people and age groups to help me understand their…

At the end of last year, Mina, Jenn and myself worked closely with the nonprofit organization Out Youth which supports LGBTQ+ youth in Central Texas. We employed Human-Centered Design strategies to learn about the organization’s structure and aim to understand some of their challenges.

It was extremely impactful to step out of the corporate world and use our talents to impact the local community. …

Amazing panel, left to right: Dennis Pierce, Frank Ramos, Thaddeus Ternes, Kristin Sheppard & Hal Riley

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to coordinated the second event in my series for AIGA Austin’s Small Talks: UX for New Tech. The topic was Omni-Channel Design.

Our host was Mutual Mobile, a local organization that have been crafting really progressive experiences in the digital world.

We had an amazing diverse panel with industry professionals including:

Frank Ramos: Senior Visual Designer
Kristin Sheppard: Director of Content
Thaddeus Ternes: Consulting Architect
Dennis Pierce: Director of User Experience
and Hal Riley: Chief Creative Officer.

Poster Designed by Bryant Ju

It’s crazy what I’ve seen in the news lately: Trans people losing their rights, concentration camps just opened in Russia for gays, followed by massive population disappearance and even local repeated hate beating in my own city’s streets.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m living on a hazy dream. I haven’t even woken up from the Florida shootings nightmare yet that still haunts me and many other LGBTQ people with the thoughts that we are not yet fully accepted in this world.

Amidst all these bleaks news, last wednesday night I had the opportunity to organize and host a storytelling…

Dario Fidanza, Tom Krcha and Hoyle Wang. *Photo credit Megan Pho.

This last Saturday, March 11th I had the opportunity to help facilitate an event where designers from the Adobe XD team presented upcoming features to the newest design and prototyping software from the Creative Cloud directed at digital experience designers.

Tom Krcha and Hoyle Wang, Product Managers at Adobe XD, shared in their engaging presentation a new slew of features soon to be available. Some of my favorites and most anticipated are the versioning timeline and the team collaboration design features which will certainly take designing on XD to the next level. Other notable mentions are the smart layers palette…

Brad Dugdale, Breyna Braden and Eric Boam. *Photos by Dennis Burnett & Ben Humphreys

We had a great event this last Thursday, February 23rd when I hosted the first of a series of three events for AIGA’s UX Small Talks at Under Armour.

In this year’s event arch: “UX for New Tech” — I want to explore areas I feel are relevant to the current state of design and user experience in the digital world as we expand into new interfaces and gestural interactions beyond our phone screens.


Product Designer at Lyft SF 🏳️‍🌈

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