AIGA’s UX Small Talks at Under Armour

Brad Dugdale, Breyna Braden and Eric Boam. *Photos by Dennis Burnett & Ben Humphreys

We had a great event this last Thursday, February 23rd when I hosted the first of a series of three events for AIGA’s UX Small Talks at Under Armour.

In this year’s event arch: “UX for New Tech” — I want to explore areas I feel are relevant to the current state of design and user experience in the digital world as we expand into new interfaces and gestural interactions beyond our phone screens.

We began the discussion at Under Armour on wearables, sensors and capturing data to improve the lives of users. We had a great panel composed of Breyna Braden and Eric Boam — Designer for Connected Fitness Products and Creative Director respectively at Under Armour and moderated by Brad Dugdale — Motion Design Lead at Fjord. A special mention goes to Mason Polka, Designer at IBM for supporting me with the event coordination.

UX Small Talks format is guided by a loose framework, and it is my aim to bring value to the local Austin design community by creating a space where participants can guide the conversation with the panelists.

What I planned for the next event is to deepen the discussion diving into “UX for Internet of Things” and further down the line into “Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality”. Stay tuned and save the date April 26th, 2017.

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Hope to see you in April!

Product Designer at @Instacart-design. Former Lyft, EA. SF 🏳️‍🌈

Product Designer at @Instacart-design. Former Lyft, EA. SF 🏳️‍🌈