fresh2design’s Adobe XD panel at Handsome: “Evolution of the Design Process”​ — Recap and livestream link

Dario Fidanza, Tom Krcha and Hoyle Wang. *Photo credit Megan Pho.

This last Saturday, March 11th I had the opportunity to help facilitate an event where designers from the Adobe XD team presented upcoming features to the newest design and prototyping software from the Creative Cloud directed at digital experience designers.

Tom Krcha and Hoyle Wang, Product Managers at Adobe XD, shared in their engaging presentation a new slew of features soon to be available. Some of my favorites and most anticipated are the versioning timeline and the team collaboration design features which will certainly take designing on XD to the next level. Other notable mentions are the smart layers palette and text data source auto-complete feature. I am very excited for the future of this product, and inspired to continue experimenting with a holistic adaptable approach to designing and prototyping.

Aside from demoing the app, the duo treated us to an exploration of what it means to design a tool such as Adobe XD from their perspective as product designers. They shared about their iterative process, how they incorporate user feedback during their design sprints, the core principles that guide their design decisions and what are some of the quirks designing for UX designers.

“A talk by UX designers developing a tool for UX designers, that’s meta.”

Tom, Hoyle, Dario & Lindsay. *Photo credit Megan Pho

Big gratitude to Lindsay Munro, Content Lead and Brand Social Media for Adobe, it was a pleasure crafting a collaboration with you and fresh2design.

Another big thanks to Handsome; they graciously donated their beautiful space to host the panel during SxSW launch week, one of the busiest times in Austin, TX.

Finally, deep gratitude to all the attendees that braved the weather to come to the event, and to the ten thousand viewers of the livestream. For all those that missed the event, you can watch the livestream on Adobe XD’s Facebook page.

Product Designer at @Instacart-design. Former Lyft, EA. SF 🏳️‍🌈

Product Designer at @Instacart-design. Former Lyft, EA. SF 🏳️‍🌈