Don’t complain until you’ve shoveled a mile

Try doing this for 12 hours before complaining

30 inches of snow can make people pretty grumpy. Your back hurts, your arms hurt, your’re cold and now that ^%*#(*^# snowplow has buried your driveway yet again. Before you start to throw snowballs or call your local councilman I’m going to ask you to stop and think about something.

These crews responsible for snow removal are normally running 12–16–20 hour shifts trying to get the snow out of the way so you can go about your life. There’s no where to put the snow because no one had the foresight to move their cars out of the way before the snow began to fall (as they were told multiple times). They have hundreds of miles of road to cover in some cases, with the expectation that the work be done in time for your latte.

Now lets think about the members of these crews who are on foot. Ever try to work an industrial snowblower? Yes, it has tank treads. Yes, it’s self propelled.

In 30" of snow you’d have a better chance of putting a cow in a wheelbarrow and trying to get it to go where you want it to go.

Let’s add to that the people (again jonesing for their lattes) who are shoveling out their vehicles and dumping the snow onto sidewalks and streets where, big surprise, that snow has to be plowed right back to where it was to make the street passable for everyone else.

We were all inconvenienced by the snow. We all complain from time to time about it. But just remember next time you’re awakened by the sound of the snowplow at 5:00 a.m. going by your driveway that it could be you out there doing that thankless job. So say a soft thank you to your snow removal crews working hard on your behalf and roll over to dream of your latte.

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