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“The wave that swept the world”

To our friends and ArtList users:

Today, we’re happy to announce that ArtList has been acquired by Artnet. This opens an exciting new chapter.

ArtList started two years ago with a revolutionary idea: you can buy and sell fine art online, without an auction house, directly from owner to owner, at a flat 10% commission.

We have made huge progress serving thousands of art lovers worldwide and receiving more than $100m in fantastic inventory from collectors all over the world. We are now joining forces with Artnet to continue the adventure at a larger scale.

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Some memories we shared with you

What’s next?

As of today, ArtList cofounders Astrid and Kenneth will be joining the Artnet leadership team, Kenneth as Chief Marketing Officer and Astrid in the auction department. At Artnet, we will focus on growth, improving user experience, and brand — bringing our experience and enthusiasm to the mix. We will also continue to build an amazing team (we’re hiring marketers). …

Just the 5 art world updates you should know this week.

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1. Palmyra’s Antiquities Survive ISIS Occupation Better Than Expected

After holding the city of Palmyra for 1o moths, ISIS has been forced from the city by Syrian governmental forces, allowing the first images of the ancient city post-terrorist occupation to come to light.

Drone footage released by the Syrian government reveals the city’s state after ISIS occupation (AP)

It was already known that ISIS wreaked destruction on the city — a UNESCO world heritage site known as the “Pearl of the Desert,” with artifacts dating back to the Roman Empire. However, new images prove that much more of the city remains intact than experts feared. Maamoun Abdelkarim, Syria’s antiquities chief, remarkedthat “the landscape, in general, is in good shape,” and vowed that Syria would restore and rebuild the destroyed monuments, including the Temple of Bel and the Arch of Triumph: “We will rebuild the two temples under supervision from UNESCO and other international organizations. The message of the Syrian people is that we cannot leave the two temples in ruins. …

The best shows to see this week in NYC. We pick only 3.

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1. Philippe Parreno @ Gladstone Gallery
March 5 — April 16

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(Gladstone Gallery)

For his current exhibition, , Philippe Parreno has taken over both Gladstone Gallery’s 21st street and 64th street locations. The show — the artist’s first with the gallery —is a characteristically Parreno exhibit in that it fully immerses its audience in a multi-sensorial experience of consecutive events: film screenings, changes in lighting and shifts in room temperature. One event triggers the next to surround the audience in a unique and utterly sensorial experience.



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