Sinaida Michalskaja - No. 22/1 (Curtain & Lilies) (from Running My Window from A to Z“), 2016, c-print, framed, 90 x 70 cm, 1/5 + 2AP

Screen and Drape - an exhibition by N E U . B A U at ArtMoorHouse London 16.02.2016–12.03.2016


“In Screen and Drape the artists confront the non-places that their respective subjects provide, which can be thin like a pane of glass, or narrow like a motel room, or huge like a tree in the background. As transitional thresholds that do not contain anything, these non-places allow entering and exiting, but not staying and resting. Things pass through them… A motel room, a door, a window, a curtain: all structures that facilitate passing and are productions of repetitions of conformity and familiarity.” — Neu.Bau (Sinaida Michalskaja, Nikolas Ventourakis)

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Sinaida Michalskaja’s images are taken from her larger body of work “Running My Window from A to Z”. In the two sequences, “No. 15/1–5” and “No. 22/1–5”, the artist’s window fans out into sets of repeated images.

The sequences respond to a constellation that constitutes a gap in time and space produced by the repeated image. “No. 20/1 (The Empty Window)” is the abstraction of the window as it reduces it to its elementary particles — the frame and the glass — thereby creating the ideal surface that contains almost nothing but itself.

Sinaida Michalskaja

Sinaida Michalskaja was born in Moscow and is currently living in London, Cologne and Berlin. She graduated with distinction from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Photography and is member of the German National Academic Foundation. In 2014 she won the Nova Award and was finalist of the Celeste Prize. Essays on her work have been published in Philosophy of Photography and Photomonitor. Her work has been included in exhibitions in the US, China, Russia, Italy, Germany and the UK.

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