Art Samberg and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Art J. Samberg is a startup investor and business owner with over four decades of experience in the finance and hedge fund sectors. A graduate of MIT in Aeronautics and Astronautics, Art Samberg serves as principal and owner of the family office Hawkes Financial LLC.

Recently, Mr. Samberg was featured in the AeroAstro interview titled “Follow Your Passion: A Conversation with Arthur Samberg.” The article features coverage of his nonprofit engagement, such as experience as the execom at New York Presbyterian Hospital, as well as his involvement with MIT before and after his time there as a student.

While at MIT, Mr. Samberg defined himself as an average student who enjoyed meeting smart people and studying courses in control systems. Since graduating from the school in 1962, Mr. Samberg’s involvement with MIT has continued as a philanthropist and an engaged alumni. On top of receiving status as a life member emeritus of the MIT Corporation, he has also donated funds to capital projects and student scholarships. In addition, he is currently a member of the MIT Energy Initiative Board of Advisors and the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department Visiting Committee.