Happy Birthday to my kinky Master

So it’s His Birthday. Well, it would have been. Actually, to me…it is His Birthday. I belonged to him, if that can be. I loved him for sure. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Ron. He and I both worked on that drawing on the left. That’s the only thing I had access to just now. I’ll dig around when I have time and find some of his photographs. (Not really my type of drawing, but I finished it (pretty much) for him right before he wanted to throw it out). He was a great Photographer. Often, significant men in my Life are these absolutely incredible Photographers!

The drawing on the right was lost many years ago when I was very involved in the BDSM Lifestyle…probably for me, more D/s. I ended up naming that drawing: “Control Issue I”. One of my favourites…leaves one to think…like the below drawing, named “Control Issue II”.

Okay, so it won’t post right now. But when it gets there (and I think it’s in a previous post) if you look carefully, it’s a woman tied up and blindfolded however upon closer attention, one can see that she is holding on to the end of her own rope.

So again, Happy Birthday…I called him “Master” and in as much as the definition of Master is Teacher, he was a wondourful Teacher to me at that time in my Life. He was 5 years older than me, both Geminis…I always felt that we were twins in a past Life and because (in this Life) he had a deadly accident at the age of five and saw his body from above (at that time) and he had no memory of any time prior to the age of five. So in a way, we were the same age. Today he would have been 67.


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