I Listened to a Trump Supporter
David A Hill Jr

I enjoyed your article. You certainly were more understanding and sympathetic than a fair slice of the commentariat. But a couple of points could be made. One, your friend, is not particularly representative of the Average Trump Voter. One study pegged their Median Household Income at a reasonably flush 77 K. I suspect for every one of “her” there are at least 2 lifelong GOPers (not unlike the one from Cincinnati on NPR on Friday AM) — who really oughta know better, and 1 out and out racist bleephead. Secondly, for people like her, (rural / not in a “tech” job / dated skills) voting against a system that is inherently designed to impoverish them (and HRC is the ultimate establishment candidate . . . just read the Wall St Speech transcripts) is, in fact, a totally LOGICAL action (even if Trump is about the Worst Populist you could hope to create). What I’d really like to see (and haven’t yet) is ANY discussion of what could actually be done in the form of policy or initiatives to improve life and prospects in communities far from Silicon Valley. Raising the minimum wage is all well and good, but only a weak starting point (and not one, I would suggest, that would work as well in impoverished communities as in major urban areas).

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