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I’ll give you a couple of additional questions.

  1. Is Dildo throwing just a thing in Buffalo? Kind of like tossing Octopi on to the ice in Detroit during hockey season. Or is this atypical (normally they throw tampons, but they don’t go as far. . . )
  2. Are vast quantities of Dildos being hurled at the field in Buffalo, but mostly by individuals who lack the arm strength to get the marital aid from section C-45 all the way to the field of play. Perhaps numerous individuals in the expensive seats at Ralph Wilson stadium are being pummeled by Dildos at every home game by fans who should practice more?
  3. As per your point about did our hero grab the first thing he could find to protest the ineffectual nature of the Bills — Do they routinely give out Dildos at Bills Home games? “Its Schlong day at Ralph Wilson Stadium! Be one of the first 10,000 patrons and get a Free Dildo with your program!
  4. As per 3 above, from what could be determined from the usual YouTube documents, the weapon in question was flesh (whitish flesh, in fact) colored. Are no manufacturers making Marital Aids in the Bills team colors?!? Wouldn’t you rather have a multi colored Nautical Blue & Red striped Dildo to toss on the field to show your team loyalty?
  5. If you watched carefully the Referee who removed the offensive item from the field did not touch it. Are there regulations in the NFL Rulebook which deal with the proper disposal of Dildos during an NFL game? If a player finds a Dildo on the field of play is there a procedure for handling this? Or do you just kick it to the sideline? What if a receiver trips over a dildo, loses possession of the football but ends up holding the left one of the Dildo? Does grabbing the ball count?

Inquirin’ minds do wanna know!


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