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I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you. You Will Die. Guaranteed. And in the process of doing so, you Will you use some amount of Health Care resources. Perhaps a really F_ing large amount. Perhaps not so much. As will everyone else. And you CANT PREVENT that. And if you’re unlucky enough, your parents have already bequeathed you a genome that will ensure (if you avoid other causes of death like getting hit by some one texting while driving) your brain will fill up with Amyloid and You’ll get Alzheimers and spend 8 (rather costly) years in a nursing home being (mostly) ignored by the (mostly not legal) immigrant staff who are willing to accept the wages on offer (most of the excess $$ spent on your care going to some Insurance CEO somewhere). Which is to say, you’re whole blame the victim Shtick is utter B_llsh*t. And ignores the fact (as per Shane’s graph, above) that every other developed country in the World is currently getting better results for less money. Or, if you’d rather, Health Care has NEVER been subject to rules of the Free Market and mis-applying market theory to it, is how we got into to this mess in the first place. . .

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