Fixing the Broken American Political System: A Post-2016 Election Fantasy
Adam Bobrow

I’ve been predicting for a while, that at some point in the first 30 days after the election one of two things will happen. The less likely is that TheDonald after running up a rather notable loss will declare himself leader of the “Great/rope America Party” or some such and take a decent slice of the Tea Party representatives with him. Arguing against this are the facts that 1.> primary candidates closely associated with TheDonald really didn’t do very well even before the Billy Bush tape, 2.> all the rumors suggest the plan is to form a TV network, and 3.> that it would be an awful lot of (rather unglamorous — how much fun is meeting with Representative Crazy from West BumbleF#ck Texas to get him or her to join up ?!?) work for a guy who might be looking at multiple court dates on multiple subjects throughout 2017/2018. I’m guessing the Donald has a show on the new TV network and like William Jennings Bryan becomes a thorn in our side for at least one more election cycle.

The rather more likely option is that the Koch’s and the donor class look over the GOP Representative / Senate crop and offer the devils bargain, Come join our $$Money$$ party and you’ll never have to fund raise again providing, of course, you vote the way we tell you. And, as has been noticed, if you collect about 25–40 representatives and/or senators with good electoral track records you could hold the balance of power in both the House & Senate and force everyone else to make a deal with you.

The problem is that such a $$Money$$ party would be led by individuals that are so virulently anti-Tax increase that it would be very hard to make any real progress on the USA’s glaring needs in infrastructure spending / education assistance / or income inequality. So in the end, just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. . .

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