This is fascism
Brendan O'Neill

Leaving aside obvious Traps like Warning Signs a la “”Dr.” Laurence Britt, Let’s take your definition of the dreaded “F” word

Fascism, basically, is when a society in crisis green-lights civil war as a means of stabilising itself in the longer term.


Fascism fundamentally represents the violent marshalling of a certain strata of society to the end of crushing the left

So, if we go with the idea that Fascism requires elements of society to start making war on the “left”, where are we in the USA currently. Well so far in 2017 we have Republicans in North Dakota introducing House Bill 1203.. Otherwise known as the it’s legal to run over a protestor law . Or we can go to Arizona where the Republicans in the State Senate passed SB 1142. This cute little law says that if you participate in a protest that turns violent the State can seize all of your assets. Call it the attend a protest, lose your house law. And in Washington, not normally thought of as a conservative hotbed, we have the Economic Terrorism bill or senate bill 5009 proposed by Republican Doug Erickson which would mandate mandatory 60-day to one-year prison terms for citizens who, “cause an economic disruption,” in the course of protest. So it seems that at least some Republicans are going out of their way to criminalize left wing dissent (I can’t wait to hear the howls when Planned Parenthood of Washington requests that protesting right-to-lifers are imprisoned under the Economic Terrorism law 😜 ).

And there is the ongoing demonization of the “Left wing” media by Trump and his cabinet (AFAIK Breitbart News is still A-OK). And the widespread efforts of Republican State legislatures throughout the country to take away the right to vote from anyone who happens to be Brown. To quote the 4th circuit court decision

“ The new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision” and “impose cures for problems that did not exist,” Judge Diana Gribbon Motz wrote for the panel. “Thus the asserted justifications cannot and do not conceal the State’s true motivation. ”

And the recent executive orders ramping up Deportations of all undocumented (Brown, mostly) residents **. Including yanking a woman receiving chemotherapy out of a hospital and grabbing a person who had gone to court to get a protective order against her abuser. Not to mention all of The Donald’s enjoyable campaign rhetoric “Mexicans are rapists and criminals” or “We should ban all Muslims from entering the US”. Or millions of individuals voted illegally.

So from the evidence, one can be forgiven if an ordinary liberal comes to the conclusion that a US political party (The Republicans) are engaged in a full legal assault on the perceived internal enemy (Libtards, Immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, Reporters, people who need Health Insurance etc) and are in the process of employing the Border Patrol and ICE as their own private army to wage this war. And have been providing all manner of winks and nudges to the KKK and other racist groups throughout the US to join on in all the fun (The fact that bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers are at all time high, and some white dude in Kansas just randomly shot three Indian engineers yelling “get out of my country" is just a coincidence). So, from where I’m sitting, this is all close enough to a

violent marshalling of a certain strata of society to the end of crushing the left”

to warrant the words Trump is a Fascist, and the Republican party is the (new) American Fascist party.

  • ** I note in passing how the question of where do we put all the deportees we round up is (mostly) left to the imagination. It won’t be long before Mexico and Central America Just say No to taking more people back. I can almost here the discussions already (. . .It’s costing us 49.3 billion a year to house all these unwanted deportees. How can we solve this problem. . . )
  • If if makes you feel any better, I never called W a Fascist (stupid was the preferred word), nor did I call Romney a Fascist (Vulture Capitalist or lame-ass Coporatocracy booster were enough)