Would Trump “Make a Deal” With The Left?
Michael Tracey

Once you get past the window dressing I believe that TheDonald believe in three things

1> No Publicity is Bad Publicity

2.> You can judge the intrinsic value of any woman by their Physical Attractiveness. If they’re hot, they’re valuable. Otherwise, not so much.

3.> Brown & Black people are problematic. They’re bringing drugs. They’re committing crimes, they reduce property values, and, of course, some of them are good people. Just don’t expect me to give them a room or rent to them.

So yes, Trump is a lousy conservative. Of course he is, He’s from New F_ing York City. And he really hates Paul Ryan (proof that almost anyone has at least ONE redeeming feature). He would make a deal with anyone who would take him seriously. Even Putin. That doesn’t make him a good president. At the end of the day (let’s say November 8th) you’d be a (bleep)load better off voting for Hillary the Professional Politician than TheDonald, or Gary (what’s An Aleppo ?) Johnson, or Ms “Quantitative Easing for College Students” Stein.

PS. I get that most professional Press Persons are Not Happy with Madame Clinton. She doesn’t make your job particularly easy, So Sensitive! So Private! You’d think someone tried to impeach her husband or read her private e-mails! But,as far as I know, she’s never sexually assaulted anyone (Grab them by the Penis!). Nor is she a New Market Development Executive for Haliburton (that would have been Dick Cheney). Even Jill (I hate Hillary) Abramson will concede that she is NOT the devil incarnate . What the F*%K did she ever do to you, Michael?

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