You Want Republicans to Put Country Before Party…But Will You?
Jennifer Hoelzer

To answer your question


I would applaud his or her bravery, and urge more Republicans to join this person, but, if the AnnoyingOrange dropped dead tomorrow (or God revealed his presence to the world by Smiting him with a bolt of lightning out of a clear blue sky . . .) I would still have the following issues with the party of Lincoln

  1. As a middle aged (self employed) male, I REALLY RESENT the GOPs ongoing effort to make it impossible for me to purchase Health Insurance. I fail to see why an unexpected health event (heart attack, car accident, whatever) should require the I go bankrupt to increase the salary of Mark Bertolini
  2. As a lover of the outdoors, I do NOT believe that the BLM should sell off all of our public lands to corporations and speculators. Nor do I believe that Yosemite National Park should be sold to the Disney Corporation as a new attraction (One day pass only $ 130 !).
  3. As a card carrying former scientist, I believe in facts. Like evolution, or human CO2 emissions are warming the planet. Or even allowing corporations to dump toxic waste on your lawn is bad for your health. And I believe Government policy should be based on the best available science. Not whats best for Exxon or JP Morgan Chase. And certainly not ideological opposition to the available facts.
  4. I believe that individuals are competent to make decisions about their lives with minimal government interference. Municipalities should have the right to prevent fracking in their city limits. Men and women should be able to love who they want. States should have the right to legalize marijuana. Women should have the right to choose whether or not to become a parent.

And so on. I could go on forever. So No. Republicans are not likely to get a vote from me. Not even one who actually votes to investigate TheDonald or to (gasp) impeach him. The policies of the Republican Party were reprehensible LONG BEFORE they nominated the least qualified individual in history as their candidate.

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