I’m a pro-lifer. The sacredness of life doesn’t justify the state of the movement.
Darius The Mede

Well Darius, I have two thoughts for you.

First off, what a wonderful, awe inspiring, and amazing faith you have. You’re so sure your reverence for unborn life is GOOD and CORRECT that you feel that it transcends religion or politics and inspires “wonder,” “hushed reverence,” and “natural awe”. Even in Atheists! So much Wonder, Reverence and Awe that you are absolutely sure that you can Demand that any particular Woman spend 18 years of her life and $ 240,000 of her earnings to raise the child. Just to make you feel better. Without you having to contribute a dime!

Of course, I might point out that very same people (you?) who spend untold hours trying outlaw abortion to save all those unborn humans, are those who repeatedly cut support for single mothers, and call them Welfare Queens and Deadbeats. Even you, although praising those centers that try convince the pregnant not to abort, didn’t actually mention any particular effort to either support the (mostly poor and female) mothers of the children in question, or advocate any easing of the legal hurdles that stand in the way of the mothers in question to obtain support from the biological fathers of the fetuses (The fact that a Male Sperm is required for fertilization must just be inconvenient for you).

Which brings us to my second point. At the end of the day, After (or if) the Republicans get a justice and Roe v Wade is overturned, there will remain about 12–18 states (NY, CA, MA etc) where Abortion will remain LEGAL. Maybe even more States than that (It’s amazing how fast principles get bent when real $$ is involved). And, as has always been the case, the rich or even those who are moderately comfortable will be able to travel to a place where they can, if they wish, murder the unborn human. The only ones who will be FORCED to carry the fetus to term will be those without the means (or the car) to get to one of these states. So all your efforts will achieve is forcing the Poor to become parents (or die at the hands of incompetent abortionists) while the rich /comfortable still get to choose to terminate the pregnancy in relative safety. Is that REALLY what you want? Inquirin’ minds wanna know. . .

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