Divided by meaning
Chris Arnade

Wonderful photos, but the Equating of Rural Poor to Trump Supporters doesn’t wash. First off the Median income of the average Trumpista is a not so bad 72K. Second Trump rules with longtime Republican voters 76% to 4%. Which is to say that the average Trump supporter has been voting GOP for a LONG time. TheDonald just gets them all worked up . If you look into the details, you end up with a picture of a middle aged or older relatively successful white person living in a rural county with a declining local economy. So, although I would be first in line to say that the 1% (or 0.1%) have worked overtime to capture an unconscionable (and unsustainable) fraction of the gains (e.g. $$) from Globalization, I don’t think that explains the motivations of the average Trump Voter. . . .