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Global rap star TYGA’s pharaoh-inspired NFT collection released in partnership with cryptocurrency ARTEM

Pairing of famous rapper’s inspired digital art and the cryptocurrency specially designed for NFT investment attracts collectors and investors with long-term value

Tyga says his fans are demanding digital collectibles, and Kreation, working with ARTEM, is the ideal gateway for both connoisseurs and traders

T10T NFT, TYGA & Kreation, 2022 (Kreation)

LONDON, 6 May, 2022: Kreation, in collaboration with global rap star, TYGA, today announces their forthcoming 1/1 auction on May 23 and general release 24 May of the ‘Ten Thousand Tyga(T10T) PFP NFT collection — a launch that is closely linked with ARTEM Coin.

ARTEM Coin was developed in HOFA Gallery’s elite art community-owned DeFi pool and decentralized autonomous organization HOFA-DAO.

ARTEM Coin as a fungible digital token, one that shares platforms with Solana and is made especially for the fine art, digital art, and luxury collectables marketplace and global artist communities. It facilitates exclusive access to professionally curated programs and exhibitions by HOFA Gallery and its affiliate brands.

HOFA Gallery and Kreation co-founder Elio D’Anna said: “The link with crypto currency token ARTEM is important to TYGA’s T10T project, not just for digital art collectors and NFT enthusiasts, but also for crypto traders and investors with interest in long-term holding benefits.”

D’Anna added “Staking of the ARTEM token provides both collectors and investors with different levels of rewards, depending on the amount the holder has staked. Because the vast majority of ARTEM stakers are also hodlers, the price of ARTEM has remained stable on exchanges — about 80 per cent of the cryptocurrency is held in stakes.”

Staking rewards change monthly and provide a unique experience and opportunity not just for art collectors and NFT enthusiasts but also for traders and investors.

Inspired by the historic Pharaonic tombs and deities of Ancient Egypt cast into the distant technological future, the T10T collection harnesses ancient aesthetics and cutting edge contemporary digital art deeply rooted in the CryptoArt space. The PFP collection is composed of 10,000 unique NFTs, each showcasing a vast array of forms, neons and compositions portraying an alternate universe and cosmos.

T10T NFT, TYGA & Kreation, 2022 (Kreation)

The NFTs feature a variety of traits allowing for varying levels of rarity within the collection. Furthermore, the project has Metaverse and gaming connectivity with

wearables and play-to-earn (P2E) functionalities as well as exclusive IRL benefits and unrivalled VIP access to TYGA via Metaverse performances.

Kreation co-founder Jake Elias said: “Linking TYGA’s T10T collection with ARTEM provides a real opportunity for collectors: Not only can they acquire rare NFTs, but they also can make use of a cryptocurrency that is stable and lasting.”

The T10T NFT Collection will be available exclusively on the Magic Eden launchpad which boasts over 800k unique users per day, making it the second largest NFT marketplace behind Opensea and the largest on the Solana Blockchain.

Kreation and TYGA drop ‘Ten Thousand TYGA’ (T10T) NFT collection on Magic Eden 23 & 24 May 2022


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The 33-year-old American Rapper of Afro-Jamaican and Vietnamese descent emerged on the music scene in his late teens to early twenties and has sold over 600,000 albums and 12 million singles. He is also a social media sensation, entrepreneur and Metaverse enthusiast. In 2021, he worked closely with a popular metaverse gaming company as their Pioneering Experience Officer, a stint which saw him become a character in the company’s gaming universe. The multi-talented performing artist also has a clothing line inspired by ancient Egyptian art which took the world of streetwear by storm in the mid-2010s.


Kreation is a platform which offers seamless access to ultra-rare and limited edition NFT artworks created in close collaboration with emerging and established contemporary artists as well as icons of pop culture including entertainers, musicians, and world-renowned athletes. Built on the Metaplex Protocol and in partnership with Magic Eden, Kreation is also a one-stop hub for acquiring, collecting, and trading NFT artworks.


ARTEM is a governance token facilitating curated programs and the acquisition of blue-chip contemporary art, luxury collectibles and limited edition NFTs.