Daniel’s 2022 Post-Puerto Morelos Return-to-Business Recap

Sunset strolls on miles and miles of white-sand beaches as the sound of turquoise tide gently breaks on the beach. All-inclusive resorts indulge your every desire, cater to your every whim…

“That drink was actually pretty good. I’m gonna’ go get another one. Do you want anything, honey?” says Daniel to the mother-to-be, as he shimmies his way out of his private cabana and over to the bar.

Each day filled with a perfect mix of rest, relaxation, and the chosen adventure — rising and shining oh-so-very bright not because of the sound of a work alarm clock, but instead because the paradise of the Riviera Maya beckons your name.

“Ugh, I know I have to, and I know we need to, and I’m still excited to really change our lives with this hypothetical thing, but I wish we could stay here longer,” says Daniel to an even-more-tan-than-usual Queen Vi as he shudders to let Dachser squirm its way back into his psyche.

What will the rest of 2022 look like, in the wake of a Babymoon this good? Time, after all, flies faster than we can race after it to keep up, so in that sense, August is just around the corner!

Puerto Morelos, you haven on Earth, you won’t soon be forgotten. But alas, all good things come to an end, and when they do…

Monday, April 11th, 2022

Hypothetically Landstar Progress and Developments:

  • PDP: Approved for $50K credit line, Jason submitted POA for review/approval, and an email sent from Jason to Landstar China to get in touch with Kitty Huang from PDP China
  • J&A: Jason emails origin to push 6x40' initial containers for Anthony
  • Royal Star: Jason & Artem agree to shift all HLS efforts for Royal Star over to RSL, making Bezos more money and potentially offering better service and faster communication with David Chew. Jason emails RSL to get the ball rolling.
  • TECO: Jason submits HCM OF to Gregg, now awaiting a response
  • CPC Palm Coast OF RFP: Jason reviews Kiri’s last reply and strongly advises not replying, not pushing, leaving it dead, and potentially not dealing with CPC in the future, since Charles will always be Charles. Jason fears that Charles will continue to use this same style of deep, complicated RFI and complicated RFP. “Unless we really need the money, we don’t wanna deal with this.”

Dachser Progress and Developments:

  • AZT Valencia-Houston Progress: Valencia-Houston 40' rates submitted to Ron
  • S+F General Update: FFK, not long after the three-way call with Sebastian, sends a follow-up email on the matter of 60-day credit, acting like she innocently missed it the first time Sebastian shut her down on March 31st. Artem whips up a draft, runs it by Sebastian on Teams Chat, and then prepares to launch the email at midnight (just to buy time and keep her at bay for as long as possible).
S+F Conference Call on Monday 4/11/22 — Attendees: Kristi, Sebastian, and Artem

Overview of the Day:

Still a bit in disbelief about our good fortune on this front, but yeah, it was an absolute graveyard on the Dachser side of affairs. Almost no email activity, with the only “event” being the planned S+F call.

On the contrary, Hypothetically Landstar was absolutely booming, with the biggest discussion list to date, and a ton of action and progress on all the reds and oranges. More to come this week, methinks.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

Hypothetically Landstar Progress and Developments:

  • TECO: Gregg replies to the original rate submission, advising that they’re higher than the standard rates he’s used to, but lower than the current premium (read: Dachser). Gregg asks for confirmation that space can be secured, so Artem & Jason draft a slick reply back, closing with a paragraph that puts pressure on Gregg to do trials in April.
  • PDP: Artem emails an update to Doug, telling him of the $50K/30-Day credit line and initial reach-out to Kitty in PDP China
  • J&A: Artem emails sailing details to Anthony on the first three of six containers, while sending a separate email to pressure the co-loader for BC on the remaining three. The email to Anthony contains a credit app for Anthony to complete. Later in the day, Anthony replies to say “We will not be needing credit for our account. Please email to me the A/N 10 days before ETA and we will make payment to you.” What a pleasant surprise!
  • Royal Star: Artem sends an iMessage to Vikas telling him that the reefer sell rate is $24,200/40' Reefer. Vikas immediately shuts it down, saying he’s already getting $20K! With Jason’s approval, Artem tells him to take it and run!
  • Snapdragon, Bridgewell, and HMS: Jason sends emails to all three to push each respective decision-maker for action. [NOTE: Auto-reply from Aaron at Snapdragon reveals that he’s on PTO until the 20th. Jason will put focus on Brian, as a result.]

Dachser Progress and Developments:

  • S+F 60-Day Credit Terms from FFK: FFK’s 60-day credit fight didn’t even last a full day. Wow. Alright. I’ll take it! She gives in and moves on by acknowledging Artem’s reply with a “Got it. Thank you.”
  • Legacy Logistics SLC to Bangkok Progress: SLC to Bangkok shipment in motion, with Nilsa & Tomas looped in, though it looks like Tomas has absolutely nothing to do with this! Let’s hope Kinki (or Nilsa) can help!
  • Unexpected Egenter Call: Dead-smack in the middle of the afternoon, Egenter randomly calls Artem, says he has Kinki on speakerphone, and proceeds to ask for Artem to “confirm that we handle Sundance Jacuzzis.” Artem responds as expected, basically saying he has no idea what the fuck Egenter is even talking about. Kinki mumbles nonsense in the background, and Egenter promptly says “Oh, looks like Kinki thinks it belongs to someone else. I’ll let you go. Thank you.” Ok, thennnnn.

Overview of the Day:

Another ghost town day on the Dachser side, which is great. It allowed me to get with Warren for several hours, starting at 9:30 AM PT, uninterrupted by Dachser. Let’s hope this “momentum” keeps going all week!

On the Hypothetically Landstar side of things, all primary-focus accounts continue to move along. The best traction was with TECO & J&A, and the second-best was with PDP. All others were gently pushed along via emails.

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

Hypothetically Landstar Progress and Developments:

  • TECO Milestone Progress: After getting a voicemail from Jason in the morning, Gregg calls Jason back early afternoon, and they proceed to spend 45 minutes on the phone. (Yuppp, you know what that means!) They click in every sense, reminiscing about Expeditors (Jason rattles off a dozen people that Gregg knew personally), Jason educates him on the current market conditions (Gregg quote shared from Warren: “Damn, you really know your shit!”), and they close the chit-chat with Gregg saying “If you ever come down to Texas, we should go out on the town.” — — The “bad” news (loosely speaking)? Gregg says “I’m less than a month in, so even if you guys have killer rates and get tons of space, I can’t just completely shift business over, you know?” The amazingly great news? Gregg says “Your rates are better than our current provider over there in Vietnam (read: Dachser), so today or tomorrow, I’m gonna put an email together for our team over there, put you in touch, and instruct them to give you guys ‘some’ of the shipments for the next few weeks. Once you guys have your feet under you…” Next step: Warren calls Gregg on Monday if he hasn’t heard back by then.
  • PDP: Awaiting further intel from Landstar China in regard to progress with Kitty from PDP China. The (very) good news is that Landstar China is officially in communication with Kitty, meaning that first trials are likely just around the corner!
  • J&A: With HLS on holiday until the 18th, task postponed until Sunday night, per Jason’s guidance
  • Royal Star: Jason pushes RSL via email once more, trying to get them in touch with David Chew
  • Bridgewell and HMS: Jason called both today, adding some pressure to get answers

Dachser Progress and Developments:

  • Legacy Logistics SLC to Bangkok Progress: After a bit of back-and-forth, with Tomas and Nilsa evidently not being able to help, Kinki has stepped in to work with “Jade” (whoever the fuck that is) to get this moving. Sweet relief!
  • CHL Trading April Shipment Confirmed: Huong was on the email thread where Alex approved the April rate, she could’ve just as easily emailed Alex herself, but nooooooooooooo! She needs us to email Alex the same, stupid question. Done now — there’s another container on the books for CHL for April at the agreed-upon $13,100 OF.
  • RefleXion Medical Unexpected Development: Remember how we talked about our need, moving forward, to focus as much as possible on dodging all unnecessary leads, opportunities, and accounts? Yeah, let this be a prime example of why. We should’ve left it on Air Import and never gotten involved! On the 6th, Daniel sends a rate to Steve from RefleXion, having received it from Amanda. What neither Amanda nor Daniel noticed was that, days prior on March 28th, fucking Jacqueline from the same team had sent Robert from RefleXion a consolidated AF rate for thousands less. Robert put up a stink about it today, Artem had to get on the phone with Amanda (Side note: It’s official. Manda’s a big, big Sname fan. She likes herself a Sname, you know what I’m sayin’? “Damn, you’re a good writer!” =]🐍), Amanda approved Artem’s draft reply (read: excuse) to Robert, and now we see if he quiets down. Let’s hope!
  • Spinner ICT New Shipment: If only you could’ve seen your ArtemBot go! I chanted a mantra in my head — WWDD, What Would Daniel Do? — as I started at Step One and worked my way through my Spinner instructions that we (THANK THE BABY JESUS) wrote up just before you left! And Daniel, you shoulda’ seen the ArtemBot go! Beepin’ and boopin’ along, double-checking his numbers to not disappoint his Detective. “Ok, hold on, was that the right volumetric weight you put in that cell?” he murmured to himself? In the end, a new Spinner shipment is on the books, with a rate in Caren and Ryan’s hands, and Heather Han taking over shortly thereafter.

Overview of the Day:

By a long shot, the most hectic Dachser day of the week resulted in a later-than-ideal start time with Warren. We got together at around 11 AM PT, but the upside to that delay is that all of the aforementioned Dachser loose ends were wrapped up tight. Let’s hope that Thursday and Friday return to being a breeze!

On the flip side, the Hypothetical side sees the quietest day of the week thus far. TECO saw massive developments and PDP saw some great overnight progress, with the rest continuing to progress. Let’s see how the rest of the week unfolds…

Thursday, April 14th, 2022

Hypothetically Landstar Progress and Developments:

Gredale Call with Dale on Thursday 4/14/22 — Meeting Notes
  • Royal Star: RSL confirms that they’ve reached out to David Chew, and that they await Chew’s final feedback on upcoming volumes. They imply that Chew needs to confirm with Vikas, so Artem sends an iMessage to Vikas to push it along. Vikas immediately says Chew is waiting on sailing schedules, so Artem pushes RSL via email to get those schedules to Chew! ‘Round and around we goooooo!
  • Bridgewell and HMS: After ignoring all of Jason’s efforts yesterday, both accounts are now regarded as “dead” (his word choice) in Jason’s mind. Make of that what you will, but he advised that “Daniel call ‘em next week as last chance,” so both are set for Tuesday AM emails from William.

Dachser Progress and Developments:

S+F Call with Kristi on Thursday 4/14/22 — Meeting Notes

Special Addendum to the above Kristi S+F Notes, a word of validation for our guiding light, our true North Star, a beacon of intuition that we call the DanielMind™:

  • It was once said by a Mr. Thomas that his spidey sense tingled right before he had a feeling that “Kristi’s gotta’ beasking for these numbers, these total figures, because she’s shopping around. I just have a feeling.”
  • Several weeks later, on the above call, Kristi says the following, jotted down (nearly word for word) by ArtemBot on his blackboard. Quote: “I’ll be honest with you, so I hope you’re not offended, but Jill beat me up about our freight spend coming into this year. I reached out to everyone I could. I obviously pushed on you guys and DHL, but I also asked at least five forwarders we know of for their NAC rates. I even went to some liners, CMA and Evergreen, to see if they can give us a direct contract. I hope you understand why, I’m sure you do, but I needed to try. The point is they all shut me down! The forwarders couldn’t get a NAC and the liners said I didn’t have enough volume for a direct contract!”
[Sand + Fog & Dachser] Brief Call to Discuss Ocean Freight 2022 — Attendees: Kristi, Jill, Sebastian, Daniel, and Artem
  • Jacqueline’s “EV chargers shipping Taiwan to US” Lead Offer: Amidst all the afternoon madness, Jacqueline from Air Import LA sends an email asking if we wanna reach out to some putz in Philly about batteries coming in from Taiwan. Remember what I wrote in yesterday’s summary about taking on RefleXion? How much of a hypocrite would I be if I didn’t stand my ground and walk the walk? I immediately tell Jacqueline to run with it. We need to be cognizant of taking on new business! Every minute spent on Dachser is one less direct, unadulterated Bezos dollar in his vault of gold coins!

Overview of the Day:

On both the Dachser and Hypothetical front, no doubt that Thursday morning started out as the absolute quietest day of the week. But then, outta’ nowhere, BOOM: GREDALE! and then BOOM: KRISTI PHONE MEETING and then BOOM:SEBASTIAN AGREEMENT FOR A MONDAY CALL WITH JILL! The madness and frantic typing continued until about 2:30 PM before quieting down again…

With Mark’s invigorating and exciting video call at the crack of dawn tomorrow, ArtemBot will have to hustle to get this incredible special project wrapped up with a bow on top by 11 AM, just as a tanned William Daniel Thomas touches down at LAX!

Friday, April 15th, 2022

Hypothetically Landstar Progress and Developments:

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Dachser Progress and Developments:

Mark’s “Q&A of new commission plan and Launch of the new cap” Teams Meeting on Friday 4/15/22

Overview of the Day:

Wrapping up the week, Dachser is extremely quiet, save for the Mark Commission Teams Meeting.

On the Hypothetically Landstar side of affairs…





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