Dear ArtemisX family,

In the past few months, as a team we’ve been dealing with some issues behind closed doors. We owe it to holders to explain what’s been going on.

You might have seen ImAFK (ArtemisX CEO) message here infrequently in the past few months, but the truth is it’s been very difficult to communicate with him from a team standpoint. There’s been general defensiveness when he’s been questioned about his inactivity that it’s caused full blown arguments. All’s not been the same since he returned from a Festival in August. There were 3 weeks+ of inactivity after his trip with claims that he was too ill to even look at his TG despite seeing him gaming on his Steam account.

To get to the main issue, on October 18th (2 weeks ago), ImAFK withdrew some private sale funds to his own CEX account that were raised for MoonWalk back in May. No prior notice was given — he just took the funds. We always tell each other before paying for any expenses so we questioned him about this and he did not respond for 4 days. Our team chat is on Discord, but after DMing him on TG to respond, he blamed Discord for his message not going through and not being at his PC, but he had Steam game hours during those 4 days. His explanation was that he wanted to create some “fomo” for wallet watchers and for ads on Fiverr. These are ridiculous excuses to cover himself taking those funds: 1) creating “fomo” isn’t a valid reason for withdrawing funds to your own CEX; and 2) we’ve never commissioned ads from Fiverr and ImAFK doesn’t possess the branding materials like logos to commission ads plus you don’t need 2.2k BUSD for this.

We questioned the excuses — no response. We have since asked ImAFK MULTIPLE times to return the misappropriated private sale funds. We issued him 3 deadlines via Discord and Telegram which were ignored and DM’d him multiple times requesting him to check the group messages which have been met with excuses that he’s too busy.

To continue the evasive tactics, after reading our messages, he told us he wanted to get things “straightened” with us and “explain” himself but has continued to evade us and remained unresponsive.

You might give ImAFK the benefit of the doubt here. But after an investigation, we have found that he’s been dumping ARTX tokens on a large scale behind all of our backs. Since October, ImAFK has sold 72k+ ARTX tokens. He keeps telling us that he is “busy” while he’s been selling tokens. These are tokens from team wallets he owns that are specifically for earning BUSD rewards, not to sell. ImAFK 100% knows this because we already caught him selling 13k+ tokens in July which we spoke to him about.

Beetleborger has been making daily buybacks in the last 2 months, and it’s been wasted because ImAFK’s been dumping after the buybacks — he knows full well that we’ve been doing buybacks. ImAFK also sold EVEN MORE tokens after he read our latest message telling him not to.

It just doesn’t make any sense to us. The lack of answers has caused frustration and stress. We’ve been working towards the MoonWalk launch — the smart contract is ready to be audited, the apps are literally ready to go while ImAFK has been actively sabotaging everything behind our backs constantly and lying to us with excuses always ranging from either being ill, or his Discord not working properly, being “busy” or being away despite being able to dump tokens and racking up Steam game hours.

This has been the last straw for the team. We want to emphasize that it’s been months of inactivity where we feel like it’s just been 2 of us working in the background on ArtemisX and the ecosystem projects while doing most of the modding on Discord and Telegram etc. It’s demotivated us and ImAFK’s recent antics have left us no choice but to address it all.

Regarding MoonWalk, we have incurred various costs some of which are due to be paid. Things like the audit and marketing costs were earmarked. ImAFK misappropriating private sale funds puts us in a predicament.

Another problem is that ImAFK still has 73k+ ARTX tokens. This is only what we know of. We have only been able to find one personal wallet of his which he has started selling on too. We think he may have sold a lot of his personal tokens, but in truth we have no idea.

ImAFK also owns the ArtemisX Telegram group and Twitter channels for ArtemisX and MoonWalk.

At this point, we don’t know what to say. Realistically, a large part of keeping ArtemisX going was resting on a successful MoonWalk launch and we have all been waiting for it for many months. I understand that it’s been long delayed, but in light of recent events, MoonWalk will be delayed now until further notice as we need to process this and take time to think of how we go forward.

RocketFuel and StableFuel remain unaffected. They are pretty much autonomous at this point.

-Beetleborger and Veloqx

Update: ImAFK dumped all of his tokens after the announcement and sent 12 BNB of the private sale funds back to his family and has taken another 2 BNB for himself.

Private Sale Wallet belonging to ImAFK:



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