Drag-and-drop GUIs for your C++ and Python programs in minutes

Retool for desktop applications, made for professionals who code.

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Artemis enables developers to drag-and-drop custom interfaces for their programs. This benefits both software developers and other technical professionals: physicists, engineers, mathematicians, financial annalists, etc.

Artemis was born in a Caltech robotics lab after it was noticed how much time was spent giving internal tools usable GUIs. Existing solutions like TKinter and Qt are too slow to build GUIs with. Others like Streamlit are sufficiently easy to use but don’t offer the flexibility needed to give highly specific programs the interfaces they require.

Artemis splits the difference between these two types of solutions, taking a page out of the web development playbook to offer a visual development solution. However, unlike the drag-and-drop builders that have eaten the web realm, Artemis isn’t no-code in hopes of attracting nontechnical users. Rather, it aims to help proficient programmers save time building the least technical part of their application quickly so they can get back to furthering their core product.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your interface using the Artemis drag-and-drop webtool:

2. Integrate into codebase with three steps (minimal overhead)

3. Launch your new interface (runs in browser to facilitate cross platform use, but still works offline)

Here are links to more technical details:

> The drag-and-drop process is fairly self explanatory, but here’s a write up of how it works

> This page is a step by step description of exactly how the Artemis GUI integration process works

> Bottom of this page contains a complete example of an Artemis GUI integrated into a codebase

> Here’s a list of all the components that can be dragged and dropped and examples of specific code snippets used to integrate them



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