Announcement: Exchange Listing — Bitrue

“We’re listing $ARVS
@Artemisvision_ today after they successfully passed the #BTRVote! A $USDT pair opens @ 10:00 UTC today! Stay Tuned!”

Artemis Vision is one of the prominent names in the NFT space to list $ARVS (ARV) tokens on the Bitrue cryptocurrency exchange.

$ARV (ARVS) token is already in the leading decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and is available to trade through Coinbase wallet. Now, it’s time to list the coin in Bitrue. $ARVS, the token fueling the entire Artemis Vision platform, has performed well in IDOs. Moreover, it never failed to achieve the hard cap, even in challenging market conditions.

According to its roadmap, Artemis Vision intends to list tokens in CEX, So now we are here, reaching the mark!

There is Yet another token listed on various centralized exchanges with the same ticker ‘$ARV’ as that of Artemis Vision. So, we want to sort this out and make things clear. We do not wish the community members or buyers to get confused while trading the Artemis Vision token on any centralized exchange.

We have decided to change the ticker of the Artemis Vision token to $ARVS “ONLY on centralized exchanges” (CEX). At the same time, the ticker is still the same ($ARV) on the decentralized exchanges. So, keep a note of it. When trading on CEX, look out for $ARVS, and on DEX, you must trade $ARV. I hope this sets free the confusion.

We always focus on making things easy for the users, and this is one such decision. $ARVS will be soon listed on various leading centralized exchanges, including Bitrue. Let’s go to the MOON!

About Bitrue

Bitrue exchange is established by blockchain enthusiasts and focuses on cryptocurrency trading with enhanced security, speed, and simplicity. Bitrue provides a safe and convenient service for cryptocurrency trading and is the best aggregator of suitable cryptocurrencies worldwide. Furthermore, Bitrue delivers stable high performance through an advanced Multi-level clustering structure and cold wallet with the security system.

Future Plans Of Artemis Vision

Artemis Vision sees itself in greater heights than where we started. We have implemented many innovative features that helped us grow our user base and token holders. As one of the first projects created on the NFT-based social media concept, we are on the mission to revolutionize traditional music and business. We help artists and enterprises worldwide create their own metaverse display to increase their earnings by boosting the NFT sales.

We create an equal value for the community members as well. First, the users can visit the creator’s virtual space to explore their digital collectibles. They can enjoy exclusive access to the creator’s business deals on owning the premium NFTs. Finally, users can make passive income out of the NFTs they hold.

This listing means a lot!

Artemis Vision never fails to amuse the community members with exciting announcements. The listing of $ARVS in Bitrue happening on the 18th of April is the next most significant event the giants in the NFT space are eyed on. Listing $ARVS token on the Bitrue exchange will further add to the liquidity of the tokens. People worldwide can seamlessly trade $ARVS tokens in their favorite exchange.



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