Home Office

Before I get started, I would like to dedicate this post to my fellow teammates and friends from my work.


This post is a summary of my opinion about Home Office based on published researches and personal experience throughout my career.


Most people already knows what home office is so I will be short. You can work from wherever you want. As long as you are able to use the Tools and contact the People you need, you are good to go.

People tend to work from home because it’s the cheapest option, but some of them keep a variety of locations to work from. There are even some locations that you can rent to be your office for some time.


Here a list of the benefits of the Home Office

No Commute: One of the biggest issues of the modern society is the commute time that most people have to face. You need to spend 1 to 3 hours of your day in a confined space shared with many others people, or in your personal vehicle with your own expenses. Doing home office, your only commute will be from your bed to your desk.

Quality of life: As you don’t have to commute you have more time to spend on yourself. You stay away from the dairy stress of huge traffics and congested public transportation. You are able to invest more in yourself and your own needs. Your stress decrease at the same time your own satisfaction increase.

Performance: With your quality of life increasing you will be able to focus better in your work, improve your communication skills and even handle wisely any undesired situation that may happen. All of this causes your performance to sky rock to new limits.

Environment: If you are not commuting, you are not wasting any resource to transport yourself. Even if you walk or use a bike, you still wears off the very asphalt you step on. All of this contribute to increase the CO2 liberated to the atmosphere and waste valuable resources.


Isolation: You may feel isolated from your team. If you live alone, you may feel isolated from society. There are plenty of studies that show how isolation can affect your health negatively.

Overwork: As you are in your own home, you may not realize the passing of time, and can turn a 8 hours work into a 12 hours or more. If practice occasionally it may cause no harm, but if it happens way too often, it may affect your health worse then if you commute everyday.

Distraction: The worst enemy you have to face. It can make all the benefits of work in home vanish. Distraction can come in many forms: a family member who don’t understand your situation, a pet who seek attention, but the worst of all is yourself. You need to perform as if you are at the office. If you can’t handle distractions,well , be ready to be part of the picture of the train above.

Personal history

My first experience with home office was really bad. I was on the second year of my career and I was extremely immature. I’ve had the company’s Notebook and my PC right in front of me, so instead of coding, I was playing LoL.

Of course that did not gone well and I thought to myself that I simply could not resist the urge and I would never be productive at home, that makes me avoid it at all costs.

My second go with home office was way different. I was working for myself, so I didn’t had much of a choice. It was a completely different experience, I was really into of what I was doing so my productivity was really high and it made me grow up a lot as professional.

Nowadays I live in São Paulo and have to face more than 1 hour on each commute. Every time I enter the subway I roll a dice to see how my day will begin. Sometimes I’m lucky and I find myself a place to sit, sometimes I need to let go of my personal space and let others enter my comfort zone.

Sporadically I work from home and when I do, my day is way less stressful, I can focus only on my work, I eat my fresh prepared food, I even exercise and study more.

Bellow you can see the comparison between my home office and normal day.

Comparison Home Office x Normal

When I need to commute to my work and then back to home, I waste 3 hours of my day in a very stressful way. But when I’m able to work from home, I can make the best of it.


Home office can really improve your life but it requires a lot of self-discipline, also make it harder to separate your personal life from your work. But here some tips if you want to start.

  • Before everything else you need to test it and see if you like it.
  • Maintain a productivity as if you were at work.
  • Stay reachable, your boss must be able to contact you as easy as you were at the office.
  • Find or create a place where you can shine.
  • Keep some personal contact in your everyday life. Humans are sociables, you are no different.

That’s all I have to say about Home Office, hope you enjoyed, and if you feeling it, share some of your personal experience on the comments bellow.