A New Daily Planner for High School & College Students.

If you are not already familiar with Mr. Michael Hyatt, he is a productivity and leadership development expert, having written numerous books including Platform, Your Best Year Ever, Free to Focus and his newest release, The Vision Driven Leader.

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Michael is also the creator of the highly successful Full Focus Planner — a daily planner centered around goal achievement and focused work. As someone who has used this product since it was first released, I can attest to its significant value in my life.

Based on the popularity of the original product, it’s only natural that Michael Hyatt & Company would create a similar planner, specifically for High School & College Students.

Since we don’t have the physical product yet, we can only review the digital marketing materials released by the company — thankfully they do a great job letting us know that the planner is going to look like.

The Full Focus Student Planner will be a total of 240 pages measuring 5.5" x 8" with 60#, white, uncoated paper. It includes a single ribbon for saving your spot and a back envelop for storing small, flat items.

The first thing you will notice about the student edition of the FFP is the bright colors on the cover of the planner — a modern combination of orange, blue, yellow and red — depending on which of the two cover options you select.

The inside of the Full Focus Student Planner has been redesigned to be more appropriate for highs school and college students, but it remains consistent with the fundamental philosophies of the FFP line of products.

Let’s take a look at the daily pages

If you are a current user of the original Full Focus Planner, you will immediately notice that on the student edition, the daily pages are designed slightly differently, but still maintain the 3 essential components of the full focus framework . . . Daily Big 3, Tasks & Reminders, and the Schedule for The Day. It also has two check boxes to make sure you have completed your morning and evening rituals.

If you are not already familiar with the Full Focus Planner, the Daily Big 3 is a powerful goal achievement habit in which the three biggest things you need to achieve today, relate to the three biggest things you need to achieve this week, which relate to the three biggest things you need to achieve this quarter or semester. The Daily Big 3 is one of the most powerful components of the FFP and could be a game-changer for students who want to accomplish big goals.

On to one of our favorite parts of any Full Focus Planner — the Weekly Preview. This is an opportunity to pause for a few moments at the beginning of your week to reflect back on the previous week and create an intentional plan for the upcoming week. While the general concept of the weekly preview is the same in the student edition, the layout and wording is a bit different. In fact, one of the questions I really like in the student edition is “What are you most proud of?” — that’s a great way to hopeful give the student a bit of self-inflicted encouragement and motivation.

On the right side of the Weekly Preview is the student’s chance to plan for the week ahead. What are the things they need to accomplish — meetings or classes they need to attend — tasks they need to complete? Its really a general overview of what the week will look like.

And that bring us to page 3 of the Weekly Preview which has the students set their weekly Big 3. These are the top 3 most important things they have to do this week, based on the Goals that they had previously set.

And then on the bottom of that page is self-care plan for the week. What opporutnies will the student have to relax, connect, move, eat and sleep? It’s a simple reminder to make sure that you are taking care of yourself.

The entire line of Full Focus Planner products is focused on goal achievement, and the student edition is no difference. On the Goal Detail page, the student will have the opportunity to basically think through 4 questions:

What is my goal?

Why is this important? (Motivation)

What steps do I need to take to accomplish it?

How should I reward myself when I accomplish my goal?

Its simple — but powerful — and presumably there will be several Goal Detail pages for students to create their most important goals for the semester.

The next page is a simple monthly calendar which will allow students to get a fly-over snap shot of the big things they have going on during the month. And again, presumably, there will be several monthly calendar pages for students to be able to fill out for the upcoming months.

The final part of the FFP Student Edition that we are going to cover today are the ideal weeks pages. This is critical. As a Full Focus Planner user myself, one of the most powerful habits I created, as a result of using this planner, is the ideal week. What does it look like to intentionally schedule your time around an ideal weekly frame work? So powerful!

So like with the original FFP you can order an individual planner or opt for the yearly subscription in which they mail you a new planner every 90 days. They also have a generous refund policy — so if after you receive it — if you don’t like it for any reason — you can return it — as long as it remains in the new condition you received it in.

So that’s about as much as we know right now — I’m sure in the coming months, Michael Hyatt & Co will be releasing additional information on the product and we look forward to hearing about that when they do.

- Arthur ( The Productive Student Academy)

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