When Being The Parent of a Teenager is Just Too Much . . . .

Arthur C Woods
3 min readNov 11, 2021


by Arthur C Woods


Being a parent is super hard. And many parents would argue that being the parent of a teenager is even harder. As a parent, I’m confident that you have experienced your son or daughter doing things as a teenager that they never would have done back when they were your perfect, little angel baby. It can be overwhelming and it can make you feel like you are completely losing your grip. It can make you feel like you are a terrible parent (FYI, you are not!). It can even make you feel like you might be going a bit crazy.

There are numerous mental, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, cognitive and academic supports that are available to you and your teen, but I’m not going to talk about those here. I do however want to talk about one simple (and free) method you, as a parent of a teen, can do to help reset your mindset and your attitude about yourself, your teen and the situation you find yourself in.

Repetitive affirmations have almost a magical (although there is some great science behind them) way of re aligning your limiting beliefs and helping you develop a healthy and positive outlook. The key to affirmations truly working is the repetitive nature of them. Stating a positive phrase once or twice won’t really do anything for you. You must claim the affirmation over and over and over again during a significant period of time. In fact, you must claim the affirmation before you even truly believe it. Eventually, given enough time, you will begin to believe the statement that you are repeating. That is how our brains have been designed.

With that in mind, let me present you with 10 affirmations that you can claim daily (or even multiple times a day) to help lessen the feeling of overwhelm in your life as a parent.

(01) I am a good parent, who is simply going through a tough time right now.

(02) This season of life is temporary — it won’t last.

(03) This will make me stronger — I must push through.

(04) There is so much I get to learn through this.

(05) Because of this experience, I can help others in similar situations.

(06) It is a blessing to be a parent — even though it may not feel like it right now.

(07) I love (your teen’s name) — I really really do.

(08) There are other parents in the same situation I am in.

(09) I can’t control everything (your teen’s name) does

(10) Today I will strive to be the best parent I can be.

What could it look like for you to claim those affirmations numerous times a day? Maybe you read them, or say them out loud, or write them out. Maybe your record yourself reading them into a voice memo on your phone and play it back to yourself every day. Maybe your post them somewhere in your house or workplace where you will see them often. Maybe you set a daily alarm to remind you to read your affirmations. Maybe, maybe, maybe . . . In other words it’s up to you how you repeat and claim those affirmations. Be creative, but figure out a way that you can claim those affirmations every.single.day. Eventually, over time, you will begin believing what you are saying and this will help lessen the stress and overwhelm you are currently experiencing. No, affirmations won’t suddenly fix all of the circumstances you are going through, but they will help you go in to those circumstances with a fresh, positive outlook.

Give it a try.

by Arthur C Woods, Teen Coach

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