The Why

“Why are we here?” Man asked of god.

God remained silent.

Silence was the conversation of the why.

It was where the answer would always remain.

“What’s the point? Why live at all?” Man demanded of god, frustrated with his silence.

Again god said nothing.

Man grew angry at god, and started speaking for him. He waved around his interpretation of what god’s words surely must be. How could god be silent when his greatest creation, man, was so robust with things to talk about?

“God must be teeming with things to say, yet only a fraction is coming out of us!” he surmised.

Man convinced others to agree with him. They stood by their beliefs through hunger and torture and death.

Eventually man grew old, weary.

He had spent a lifetime working hard, questioning god, seeing little gains. Man had spoken all the things he could think, said everything he could say for his god.

And so, at the end of his life, man withdrew, becoming increasingly pensive.

And silent.

And finally, man became one with the why.

And finally, man became one with god.

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