Bitmaker Labs: Week4/Day1

Here we are at the beginning of another week. I had a pretty great weekend. Esther through me a great party on Friday night, full Game of Thrones. It was awesome. She made dragon eggs out of styrophone easter eggs and thumb tacks that she hand painted. They looks so beautiful. And it was a really fun night. Saturday we went out with my mom for a birthday lunch and cleaned our kitchen. Sunday was pretty laid back, watched some TV including, of course, GoT.


Today we went over active record relationships and multi-model apps. Lots of good reading on the way different tables can interact and how you manage it all through active record.




We started building out our Amazon clone, Rainforest. I also spent a lot of time going back and forth between here and the Apple Store to get my iPhone fixed. Fortunately it had an expanded battery so they replaced the iPhone free of charge. So I wasn’t able to accomplish too much with Rainforest. but I did build out the Product MVC. I will start in on Users once we learn authentication tomorrow.


Adding users!


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