Defend democracy. End chaos and secrecy in the Brexit process
Paul Mason

“Brexit is a disaster. It didn’t have to be: there’s a perfectly justified case for Britain — already half out of a Europe — to step back, stay in the Single Market, go for a Norway or Swiss-style deal, listen to what is rational about the complaints about the economic impact of migration, and reject what is irrational.

But that’s not what we’ve done.”

Except it was never going to be possible, within the terms of Brexit, to do that, which is why the idea of Lexit was always a fantasy, and why those that argued for Lexit simply gave succour to the Johnsons, Goves, Foxes and Farages. It did so, because however it is dressed up, Lexit, like Scottish independence, places the blame for the problems of workers, not on capitalism, but on Johnny foreigner. In the case of Lexit its the EU, in the case of Scottish independence the English.

The answer never was some supposedly clever, nationalistic solution, dressed up with left-wing sounding rhetoric, to propose this kind of administrative, capitalist framework as opposed to some other, but was the one international socialists have always known it to be, which is the unity of workers across borders, and their collective action to extend their organisation and control, to develop their own self-management and self government separate from the institutions of the capitalist class and its state.

As lenin once summed it up, our aim is not the bourgeois-democratic idea of national self-determination, but the self-determination of the working-class as a global class.