UK Election 2017: Update (1)
Paul Mason

Labour’s best performances in Tory marginals, and not so marginals was in areas that voted Remain. That spells out where Labour should be heading. In fact, had Labour campaigned more clearly for a Socialist Europe, and against Brexit, its possible we could have won.

If the Blair-rights and soft-left had not been undermining Corbyn for the last two years, we could have won even more convincingly. Those Blair-rights and soft-lefts have been quietened for now, but its always the case that such elements keep their heads below the parapet when the fighting is going on, and then snatch the benefits from those that did the fighting when its over. It would have been much better if we’d had reselections before this election. Its even more necessary now, and we should start by a cleansing from the ground floor up, selecting left-wing Council candidates, party officials etc. Now is not a time to give the Blair-rights and soft left breathing space to organise a soft coup at a time of their choosing.

If the Liberals, Greens, and Nationalists wanted a Progressive Alliance, they should have stood down their candidates, and called for their supporters to back Labour as the only party capable of forming a government. McDonnell is quite right to say no deals with them now. We have to crush these diversionary small parties and sects.

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