Brexit wins. An illusion dies.
Paul Mason

On the question of who the 37.5% of the population are who voted for Brexit, and what their political stance is, other interesting pieces of data have emerged. Around 75% of people in the 18–45 age group voted to remain. That is the age group that would be most affected by things like inability to get a decent full-time job, inability to get decent housing and so on. At the same time, a similar percentage for Leave was found amongst the older age groups, above 55, and particularly those above 65. In other words, those least affected by the inability to get a decent job, housing, schools and so on. In fact, that age group have done rather well under the Blair-rights and Tories because their house prices experienced a huge bubble, and their pensions have been increased by above inflation rises and so on.

They are, of course, the age group that grew up in the era of the “Great” British Empire, and all of the racist shit that attended it. Clearly they have not yet scrubbed that shit away properly, and its stench remains. The data also showed that 80% of those who voted Leave also believe that “Feminism” and “Green Issues” have an “Evil” effect. Are we detecting a pattern of ideas here?

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