Cellular Data: Off

Last Sunday I was having a coffee with a friend, and he grabs my phone and wanted to search for something in the internet, then suddenly he goes like: Why you keep turning the 3G off?

Two years ago I welcomed myself in the smartphone world. I used to behave like I didn't like that world where most of the people were moving to but I had my doubts.

We, people who disliked the smartphone world did something very brave! We didn't buy Iphone Galaxies or Galaxy Iphones call it whatever you want!
We bought other phones. In my case I bought a Lumia 920 (turns out to be a beast).

But still the disliking feeling didn't left, but now I owned a smartphone, I was part of the other World. I had to do something to step back, to get the best of both worlds.

Cellular Data: Off

That was the secret that kept me detached & still in touch.

The point is, I live in a small Country, a small town in which I probably know the story of everybody. I see my friends daily! Even the capital city isn’t that big, (the larget time period I haven’t had the chance to run into somebody again is probably 6 months and when you’re on the move, I mean school & other things, you kind off run into each other daily).

The simple thing is, you hear people talking about the digital life and about people not connecting physically, and I see it myself, I don’t need to hear and listen more.

The least I can do is get that cellular data constantly off. I decide when I get something, and when will I write back. I decide when I will be online and not. I like to decide even the smallest actions that have to do with my life, because it’s mine.

I do it because I can, because despite of the student-like life, I want more out of this. And to get more One needs to think more, and to think more One needs time alone.

Despite everything I try to make the best out of socializing virtually, and kind of exploit every bit of it. I love to sit down and chat with friends… and it is a great opportunity when you think of it in retrospective or when you try to imagine how it would’ve been without it. Even physically I like to sit down and talk or walk with a friend, and I really spend to0 much time talking.

But still a Vision is very important in life. And the space in time that you need to connect is still very little compared to the space in time that you need to be alone. So choose better…

Cellular Data: On

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