US Election 2016

US presidential election ended. Although Mrs. Clinton finally won the popular vote Bitelangpu more, but she lost a lot of states. According to the US electoral rules, more than her on behalf of the state’s electoral votes Trump elected. Many people not only did not expect a result, the process did not even think. The original thought Mrs. Clinton leading the way, but just the opposite.
Articles Based , Analysis of the general public may also be an error of judgment to understand, but there are too many experts, scholars, professionals, authorities and media institutions are forecasting errors. The most interesting is a teacher at Fudan University Institute of International Relations Zengqing Jie, the doctor of political science in America for many years, before the vote on the school’s learning platform, known as “Clinton certainly win. As a research scholar of politics, even if such a simple predictions do not, then, not to give you a lesson. Guerilla Marketing
Dr. Zeng is a lesson on “Principles of Political Science.” Announced after the election, he comments: “Students, I have no face goodbye to everyone, but next week’s lesson or to on, there will be a mid-term exam, but we do not review, because all politics are no common sense. used.”
I as a research scholar of political communication, and the field concept of the United States, Japan, Egypt and other countries of the election experience, has also been severely hit the face. Perspective can see, forecast error too many Chinese and foreign experts. Why did we go wrong?
Defect Awareness elite Proxy Sites
The prediction error, is widely considered a failure elite consciousness. Whether willing to admit that those of us who have been called elite. Not necessarily have the elite power, wealth, they will despise official second-generation, second-generation rich.
Most well-educated elite, or has the expertise to become academics, engineers, financial analysts, commentators; or in the media and various public platforms have a lot of sound channels, reviews public affairs, domestic and foreign issues.
Elite, regardless of left, right, liberal or conservative, such as network V-king of the hill, positive energy on behalf of Zhou Xiaoping, although the two values ​​diametrically opposed, but this time are optimistic about Hillary, and public and Internet users bet, lost to live to eat what? What.
Objective and neutral scientist Rao, a famous Peking University professor returned, is also optimistic about Hillary. After the results came out, betting no longer be made. Rao is a bit angry, Dear John letter circle of friends in the micro and expressed support for Trump.
Although the position of the elite point of view different, but share a common system of discourse and behavior. For example, will not be publicly swearing, do not insult women, not ethnic discrimination, there must be a gentleman, “politically correct.” Of course, politically correct politicians, public figures to pay attention to words and deeds. This is why the Republican President Bush and his son, Ryan, etc. House Speaker Party chiefs, after Trump scandal obscene language, and many Republican governors, parliamentarians, that is no longer support him.
The main manifestation of the elite consciousness is professionalism, that is, on one thing, we know more than you have experience, but the row. Trump is a businessman, entertainment stars, without any political experience, in addition to tax, nor involved in public affairs. He had no knowledge of the political and public governance, is to attack others, empty promises, how can president, managed countries? Proxy Sites
But in the political arena obscure Trump, if compliance with the elite consciousness, adhere to political correctness, with professionalism, not to mention the final election is to nominate the Republican Party primaries he will not pass it. Do not rely on a new path, to talk nonsense, chaos boxing dance, who would pay attention to him? Trump himself is elite, but his words and deeds done by anti-elitist send name, and will play this style to the extreme, to fame in the political arena.
As a politician red network, Trump’s success, is to meet the characteristics of the Internet age. The network is flat, no hierarchy, laymen can challenge elite mob often teased hero; Hubbub, attractive influence there; concern is power, and the United States to change the onlookers.

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