Dear billionaires, refrain from giving away your fortune! It’s bad for the community

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Following the trend set by Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many others we never heard about, few billionaires and millionaires started giving away their fortune. How nice of them!

What is even better than giving away ALL of their fortune?

Give away only most of it!

How come?

Billionaires have proven they were better than 99,9% of world’s population at generating value. They have been able to build a value production system that succeeded far better than the vast majority. Most of them did so from scratch.

Giving away their money is a noble act. But if they kept few millions for themselves with the clear idea of rebuilding their fortune, they will be able to create more value (and more happy people). I keep the hope they would be able to give away their money repeatedly.

Get rich => give away 95% => get rich again => give away 95%…

A tired Elon Musk is more skilled than the average citizen full of good will

One may argue that most of them are “tired” of doing business when they “retire” and give away their money. Yet the odds to build a multi-billion dollar business by a tired Elon Musk largely exceed those of an average citizen full of good will.


If you are rich you know what to do. If you are not share this article hoping some rich person will read it.

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